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Hartford’s Attempt to Limit a Nurse’s Long Term Disability Claim Is Reversed By Illinois Federal Judge

Posted in Disability Insurance Cases Nationwide, Hartford

A recent case out of the Northern District of Illinois reminds us of the hundreds, maybe thousands, of disability insurance cases we have had against Hartford insurance company. Although we did not handle this particular case, we believe our video and discussion about this recent case will be helpful to those who have had their long term benefits terminated.

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Has Unum Increased Long Term Disability Denials?

Posted in Disability Insurance Cases Nationwide, Unum / Provident / Paul Revere

UNUM insurance company seems to been firing up more denials and looking at people that have been on claim for a while. Most claimants think that if they have been on claim for a few years, then they should remain on claim until the policy ends. Unfortunately this is not true as Unum is constantly reviewing the claim of each person receiving benefits. We recently were contacted by a claimant that was denied benefits after 15 years and that is not unusual. In this video disability insurance lawyers Gregory Dell and Cesar Gavidia discuss Unum’s claim handling activities and some of the reasons that a long term disability insurance claim could be denied.