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Has Unum Increased Long Term Disability Denials?

Posted in Disability Insurance Cases Nationwide, Unum / Provident / Paul Revere

UNUM insurance company seems to been firing up more denials and looking at people that have been on claim for a while. Most claimants think that if they have been on claim for a few years, then they should remain on claim until the policy ends. Unfortunately this is not true as Unum is constantly reviewing the claim of each person receiving benefits. We recently were contacted by a claimant that was denied benefits after 15 years and that is not unusual. In this video disability insurance lawyers Gregory Dell and Cesar Gavidia discuss Unum’s claim handling activities and some of the reasons that a long term disability insurance claim could be denied.

Disability Lawyer Rachel Alters Discusses ERISA Disability Lawsuits

Posted in Disability Insurance Industry News

Hundreds of ERISA disability lawsuits are filed every year as a result of the denial of disability insurance benefits. In this video, nationwide disability attorneys Rachel Alters and Gregory Dell discuss some of the most common issues that we see when and ERISA disability lawsuit needs to be filed. Hopefully this video will provide some insight into common issues that arise when an ERISA suit needs to be filed. Rachel Alters or any of the lawyers on her legal team can be contacted to discuss your claim.

I have two different disability insurance policies and I am approved for SSD. Can both disability companies deduct my monthly benefit by the amount of the SSDI payment?

Posted in Disability Insurance Industry News

It depends on the language of the insurance policy. Mostly likely the answer is YES, each disability insurance company can deduct the full amount of the SSDI payment from each of the disability benefit payments. Read more here.

ERISA Disability Benefit Lawsuit Against Prudential Dismissed for Failure to File Timely

Posted in Disability Insurance Cases Nationwide, Disability Insurance Industry News, Prudential

In Thomas v. Prudential Insurance Co. of America, et al., plaintiff Thomas learned the hard way the importance of filing an ERISA lawsuit within the time frames established by the employer-sponsored disability benefits plan. Without even referencing the medical condition upon which Thomas based her claim for long-term disability benefits, a federal district court in Louisiana dismissed her lawsuit due to her failure to file it on time.
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After submission of an ERISA disability appeal, when can I file an ERISA disability lawsuit?

Posted in Disability Insurance Cases Nationwide, Prudential

Federal law governing ERISA disability lawsuits requires claimants to submit an administrative appeal of the denial of benefits before they can file a lawsuit in the federal district court. In the recent case of Lewis-Burroughs v. The Prudential Insurance of America, et al., the plaintiff filed an administrative appeal and, according to Prudential’s own rules, consistent with federal law, the insurer had a maximum of 90 days to render its decision.
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The Standard Denies LTD Benefits to California Woman with Addison’s Disease

Posted in Standard

This recent California Federal ERISA long term disability case is another example of an unreasonable denial by the Standard Insurance Company. While this lawsuit was not handled by our disability insurance lawyers, we felt that disability insurance claimants could learn a lot from the findings of this disability lawsuit.
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California Federal Court Finds that Standard Insurance Company’s Review of LTD Claim was Insufficient; Remands Claim Back to the Plan Administrator

Posted in Disability Insurance Cases Nationwide, Standard

In a case not handled by Attorneys Dell & Schaefer, but which can be utilized to our clients’ advantage in the future, a Long Term Disability (LTD) Claimant has earned a partial victory against Standard Insurance Company.
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