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Disability benefits lawsuit against Fortis Benefits Insurance Company dismissed by West Virginia Federal Court

Failing to comply with administrative requirements in a timely manner as specified by Fortis Benefits Insurance Company resulted in Elizabeth A. Bailey being denied benefits from her deceased husband’s short-term disability benefits, long-term disability benefits and life insurance policies. Having neglected to follow proper ERISA procedures in pursuing long-term disability and life insurance benefits from Fortis Benefits Insurance Company (a wholly owned subsidiary of Assurant) as specified in Fortis’s policy requirements, Elizabeth Bailey forfeited her opportunity to present her case to a federal court when her complaint was dismissed by the Court’s ruling on two motions for summary judgment filed by Fortis’s disability defense attorneys.

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Can a disability attorney manage all aspects of my long-term disability insurance claim?

What amounts to a business decision for your disability insurance company is a life decision for you as a disability benefit recipient. Your disability insurance company views you as a piece of paper, some medical documents, a persistent headache, and a drain on their bottom line. Your monthly disability payment is your home, your groceries, your health care—your livelihood; and you don’t trust your disability insurance provider to make sure that your interests are being taken care off. Consequently, much of your precious time may be spent dealing with your disability insurance provider to make sure you receive your monthly disability payment.