Submitting an application for disability insurance benefits for the first time is one of the most important stages in any disability benefits claim. Cigna’s hyper-focus on pre-existing conditions and their emphasis on what the medical records do (and don’t) contain should be kept in mind when applying for benefits. Learn more about the most common reasons New York Life/Cigna cites when denying a disability benefits claim, as well as what claimants should do before submitting their application for disability benefits to improve their odds of approval. Continue Reading Top 5 Reasons Cigna Denies Disability Benefits: What Claimants Should Know

Lincoln Financial, along with many other disability insurance companies, has a reputation for denying claims. It makes sense they would do that despite their advertising about how great they are. The more money they do not have to pay to claimants the more money the disability insurance company makes for itself. At Dell & Schaefer, our experience has taught us what needs to be done to avoid a Lincoln Financial disability claim denial and what every disability insurance claimant needs to do monthly to stay on claim. Continue Reading Avoid a Lincoln Financial Disability Denial by Following These Tips

In this video and article, disability insurance attorneys Gregory Dell and Stephen Jessup answer the question: What is the Difference Between a Disability Insurance Lawyer & a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

To answer this question, the attorneys explain:

  • A Social Security Claim vs. a Private Disability Insurance Claim
  • What is an Employer Provided Disability Insurance Policy?
  • The Importance of Having a Disability Insurance Lawyer Represent Disability Insurance Income Policy Claimants
  • What Is Needed to Prove Your Disability Insurance Claim
  • Why It Is So Important To Comply with the Strict Deadlines In Your Disability Insurance Policy

Continue Reading What is the Difference Between a Disability Insurance Lawyer and a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

Attorneys Gregory Dell and Stephen Jessup answer a frequently asked question: Do I Have to quit my Job Before Applying for Disability Insurance Benefits? In this video and article know your rights when applying for disability insurance benefits. Learn why getting laid off could effect your disability claim and why you should never quit your job before filing for disability benefits. Continue Reading Do I Have to Quit My Job Before Applying for Disability?

You’ve submitted a long term disability claim to UNUM and just received notice your request for benefits was approved – congratulations! But if, like many claimants, you assume this approval letter is the end of the story when it comes to your receipt of disability benefits, you may be mistaken. Below, the attorneys at Dell & Schaefer will explain more about UNUM’s claim re-evaluation process, lifetime disability clauses, and what claimants should do to preserve their right to receive long term disability benefits from UNUM.

GREG DELL: Hi. I’m Greg Dell with attorneys Dell & Schaefer. And today’s disability question is, how long does Unum long-term disability last? And Stephen, I think this is an excellent question because every policy is written differently, which you’re going to talk about in a minute. But also it really doesn’t matter in a sense how long the policy is because just because you get approved doesn’t mean you’re staying on it–

STEPHEN JESSUP: –that long.

GREG DELL: And talk about first why just getting approved doesn’t mean you’re going to get the maximum duration under the policy. Continue Reading How Long Does UNUM Long Term Disability Benefits Last?

Missing even a single paycheck can put a major dent in many families’ finances, and combining this with medical bills can be a double whammy. If you’ve suffered a disabling injury and are wondering when to file for long term disability insurance benefits, you’re not alone. Many disability insurance claimants may worry about either filing too soon or waiting too long and complicating the process. The truth is, the “right” time to file can vary from person to person based on each disability insurance  claimant’s unique situation. Learn more about just a few of the factors that can go into a disability insurance  claimant’s decision on when to file and what to expect while waiting for a decision. Continue Reading How Long Do You Have To Be Out Of Work To Apply For Long Term Disability Insurance Benefits?

AIG, known to many as the American General, offers long term disability insurance policies to companies to pass along to their employees. But when it comes time to submit a long term disability claim to AIG, you may be wondering where to begin. Navigating the ins and outs of a long term disability claim can be complicated, but you don’t have to do it alone. Learn more about what claimants can expect when filing an AIG long term disability claim, as well as how the legal team at Dell & Schaefer can assist with the disability claim process.

We can quickly let you know if we think you have a valuable claim against AIG. Many of these claims are resolved through a lump sum settlement, which can help provide claimants with an instant source of income during an otherwise uncertain time. Continue Reading Tips to Get Your AIG/American General Disability Benefits Claim Approved

What Makes Assurity Different

Assurity Insurance isn’t one of the biggest disability insurance carriers out there, but they have 100 years of history and offer some high-value products. Unlike many long term disability insurance carriers, Assurity offers primarily individual policies, not group policies, which come with some unique rights and benefits. Learn more about what we’ve learned during our time helping disability claimants manage their Assurity long term disability claims. Continue Reading What Claimants Should Know About Seeking Disability Benefits from Assurity

Northwestern Mutual is often at the top of lists of quality long term disability insurance carriers and was recently given an AA+ rating by S&P—the highest possible financial strength rating in the U.S. market. But this financial strength can be a double-edged sword for disability insurance claimants. At Dell & Schaefer, we’ve learned that when it comes time to file a disability lawsuit against Northwestern Mutual, claimants can expect a fight. Northwestern tends to dig in and mount a vigorous defense to a disability claim, and claimants who aren’t prepared for this process can quickly find themselves overwhelmed. From requests for records and financial documentation to secret video surveillance, learn more about the expectations long term disability claimants should have when preparing to sue Northwestern Mutual.  Continue Reading What to Expect From a Northwestern Mutual Disability Insurance Benefit Lawsuit

If you’re the holder of an individual or group long term disability insurance policy through the Equitable insurance company, you’re luckier than many claimants – these policies are generally thorough and high-quality, offering an expansive definition of disability and fairly few limitations as compared to other long term disability insurance policies. But proving to Equitable and its third party claims investigator that you’re entitled to disability benefits can still seem like an uphill battle for many claimants. What should disability claimants know about the disability insurance claim approval process and what they can expect from Equitable?

GREG DELL: Hi. I’m Greg Dell here with attorney Cesar Gavidia. And we are going to discuss the Equitable insurance company today. And specifically, we’re going to discuss how they handle long-term disability insurance claims. Now, Cesar, we know Equitable is a unique disability claim because of the fact that they commonly use a third-party administrator, known as Disability Management Services, to administer their claims. What’s been your experience when working with claims from the Equitable? Continue Reading Equitable Disability Insurance Claim Benefits Overview and Legal Tips