Prudential denied short term disability benefits but Attorney Alex Palamara was able to quickly submit an appeal and get the disability benefits paid. In this video long term disability attorneys Gregory Dell and Alex Palamara discuss Prudential’s reason for denying long term disability benefits and the strategies taken to get the disability denial reversed.

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This was a terrible denial by Sun Life because they denied long term disability insurance benefits after 23 months to make the claimant file two additional appeals. Our client was employed as a commercial truck salesperson. Sun Life wrongfully relied on a nurse to deny benefits and that should never have been done in this case as our client has undergone two hip surgeries and had an extensive medical history.

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This case is a good discussion of issues that arise when you have mental nervous and physically disabling conditions. Hartford denied long term disability benefits three weeks before the change from own occupation to any occupation definition of disability. Hartford also denied claiming that the disabling medical condition was only for mental disabilities. This is a common denial strategy used by The Hartford.

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Applying for long term disability insurance benefits is a process that must have a strategic plan. When you have disability policies with multiple disability companies it can be even more challenging.

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This is a great example of how Disability Insurance Attorney Rachel Alters helped a pharmacist with a detached retina to obtain LTD approval from Unum. Rachel Alters discusses how she helped a Pharmacist to continue working and collect residual disability benefits from Unum.

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One of the main reasons disability insurance companies deny long term disability claims involves video surveillance and “social media surveillance.” Insurance carriers literally follow claimants around (and monitor their social media accounts) to see if they can catch these claimants engaging in physical activities they previously stated they could not do.

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