In this Hartford long term disability benefits denial, Rachel Alters discusses how she was able to help a nurse with a knee and back disorders to win her disability insurance benefits. Rachel also provides tips about how to prevent a Hartford long term disability denial. This case was won during the own occupation definition of disability and Rachel is already preparing the claim so that there will be a smooth transition from own occupation to any occupation.

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When family medicine or internal medicine doctors get sick or have a medical condition that makes it difficult to work, they still do not stop working. They show up at their office every day regardless of how they feel. They spent years in medical school and their residency and enjoy their work.

This is used against them when they finally do decide they need to stop. The disability insurance company asks, “What changed? Why can you not work now?” Watch this video to learn more.

  • Strong medical documentation is required in order for a disability claim to be approved.
  • Most disability claimants attempt to work through chronic medical conditions and then the insurance uses this against them.
  • How can a disability insurance company tell a doctor that they are not disabled?

At Dell Disability Lawyers, our ultimate goal is for you to get your claim for LTD benefits approved. You paid the premiums, so you should be getting the disability benefits when you need them when you are unable to do your job.

We help clients anywhere in the country. Take a look at our website for more information and to find videos specific to your personal needs. No matter where you are in the process, whether just contemplating filing a claim, in the middle of seeking claim approval, or if your claim has been denied and you need an appeal, contact us for more information and to see if we can help.

Despite a serious work injury, Lincoln literally told this FPL lineman employee to go a climb a pole. In order to deny long-term disability insurance benefits, Lincoln hired a doctor to review medical records and conclude that our client could return to his heavy duty job of repairing electrical lines.

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Accountants often have a difficult time having their claim for disability benefits approved. Insurance companies consider the job of an accountant as sedentary, believing all it entails for an accountant to do the job is to sit at a desk for four hours a day. The disability insurance attorneys at Dell Disability Lawyers offer some tips accountants can use when submitting their disability insurance claims. We invite you to watch this video to learn more.

  • There is a strategy in presenting the occupational duties of an accountant. An accountant submitting a claim for disability must provide the insurance company details about their specific job duties including reviewing detailed financial documents, preparing tax returns, the stress involved, and the consequences for a client if the accountant makes a mistake.
  • At least 75% of the accountants we represent at Dell Disability Lawyers have the AICPA disability insurance policy. If an accountant chooses to work in a different occupation, the AICPA policy will not cover them.
  • Cognitive difficulties secondary to physical or mental diagnosis are the number one reason an accountant becomes disabled.

Whatever stage you are at in your claim for disability, whether you are just thinking about filing a claim, have filed a claim and are struggling to provide the insurance company all the documents it needs, or your claim was denied and you are considering an appeal, contact us at Dell Disability Lawyers. Contact one of our disability attorneys to schedule a free consultation.

Getting approved for long term disability benefits can be challenging, but the challenge is even greater when you have three different disability policies. Every disability policy has it’s own language and every disability company requires different claim forms.

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Disability insurance companies like to see objective medical evidence to approve a long term disability claim. But so many disabling conditions are “invisible” – chronic pain, mental health ailments, and other conditions that don’t show up on an MRI or other diagnostic tests. Therefore, it’s crucial that your disability insurance attorney understands your condition and can work with you and your doctors to document it. Below, the attorneys at Dell Disability Lawyers will explain exactly what type of documentation you need to maintain disability insurance benefits.

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Emergency Room physicians face challenges when filing claims for disability insurance. A medical diagnosis is not enough to support a finding of disability. They must prove how that medical condition makes it impossible for them to do their jobs. At Dell Disability Lawyers, we have a few tips that all ER physicians should use when filing a claim for disability.

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This was a really bad denial by Hartford, but unfortunately not that unusual. Disability insurance attorney Alex Palamara discusses the reason for Hartford’s disability denial and the steps we took to get the Hartford disability denial reversed.

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