Resolved Cases:
A Respiratory Therapist suffering from Knee Pain and Severe Lumbar Spine Conditions gets LTD claim approved after appeal by Attorney Alexander Palamara.
Respiratory Therapist whose claim was denied without a proper review gets LTD Claim Approved after Appeal to CIGNA

Disability Insurance News:
Although this case was not handled by our firm, it is an important Court decision for any claimant needing assistance with a disability insurance denial.
Aetna Life Insurance Company Ordered by Federal Court Reconsider the Claim of Amazon Employee Disabled Due to Urinary Incontinence

Resolved Cases:
Attorney Gavidia prepared Sally’s Appeal addressing both her physical and mental limitations. It was important to establish that Sally’s physical limitations were the primary cause of her disability, and aggravated her long-standing mental health issues. However, by themselves, her physical conditions caused her to be totally disabled. After receiving the Appeal Aetna overturned its decision and reinstated Sally’s disability claim.
After Aetna denied Ms. Garner’s long-term disability claim, Ms. Garner filed suit against Aetna, and the Court overturned Aetna’s decision and ordered it to pay Ms. Garner’s disability benefits

Disability Insurance News:
Reliance Standard overturns a denial of disability benefits to Project Manager suffering from Chronic Pain following an appeal submitted by Attorney Stephen Jessup.
Reliance Standard Reinstates Disability Benefits to Project Manager

Disability Insurance News:
Tennessee Federal court denies Unum’s Motion for Summary Judgment and holds a functional capacity evaluation is objective evidence of gynecologist’s inability to perform surgery.
Unum Motion to Deny Total Disability Benefits to OB/GYN Denied by Tennessee Judge

Resolved Cases:
Attorneys with Attorneys Dell & Schaefer have handled thousands of Long Term Disability claims with all the major insurance companies and have seen the changes that have occurred over the years. Here are some recent trends seen with 10 of the major companies:
Recent Disability Insurance Company Trends

Resolved Cases:
A senior merchant for Express , Inc., who suffers from the effects of a traumatic brain injury gets LTD claim approved after appeal by Attorney Alexander Palamara.
Senior Merchant of American Fashion Retailer Giant gets LTD Claim Approved After Appeal to Reliance Standard

Disability Insurance News:
A California federal court recently reversed Metlife’s denial of long term disability benefits for a claimant with heart disease. Metlife attempted to rely on a ejection fraction rate reading as a basis to deny the claim. The Federal Judge ruled that Metlife abused their discretion and reversed the decision. In this video, attorneys Victor Pena and Gregory Dell discuss the courts findings and offer some tips as to how to strengthen a cardiac related long term disability claim.
Metlife Denial of Long Term Disability Benefits For Heart Disease Claimant is Reversed

Resolved Cases:
Following an appeal submitted by Attorney Stephen Jessup, Cigna overturns its denial of long term disability to insured with severe vision problems.
Cigna Reinstates Disability Benefits to Project Manager on Appeal

Disability Insurance Claims FAQ:
Doctors face a unique set of challenges that must be handled properly when it comes to filing a claim for disability insurance benefits to ensure the best chance of claim approval.
Disability Insurance Challenges for Doctors

Disability Insurance News:
Aetna Criticized for obvious bias in reviewing LTD claim.
Indiana District Court criticizes Aetna for denying benefits to Amazon Employee

Disability Conditions:
This little known genetic condition can result in a disability insurance claim. How can Attorneys Dell & Schaefer assist you with a EDS claim?
Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Long Term Disability Claims

The case of Dawna Lane v. Prudential Insurance Company is limited to a discussion by the Utah Federal District Court about whether or not Plaintiff’s ERISA lawsuit for long term disability benefits should be dismissed on the grounds of judicial estoppel. Although a reference is made to her suffering from “severe psychological conditions,” there is no discussion of her actual disability or conditions of employment.
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Resolved Cases:
Assurant overturned its previous denial of long term disability benefits for Maine Sales Consultant
In July 2013 a number of medical issues, including the debilitating effects of chemotherapy treatment as well as recurrent breast cancer forced Ms. C to stop working and submit her claim for disability benefits first under her employer’s short-term disability (STD) policy and then continuing under its long-term disability (LTD) policy.

Disability Insurance News:
Lincoln Financial Denial of LTD benefits after paying for 9 Years is Reversed on Appeal
Disability insurance attorney Alex Palamara was able to win an ERISA appeal against Lincoln Financial on behalf of his client. In this video, Alex discusses the issues with case and the negligence of Lincoln Financial in failing to properly investigate a long term disability claim. Alex and attorney Gregory Dell provide some tips for how to possibly avoid a long term disability denial.

Resolved Cases:
Trinity Health Care Registered Nurse Wins Cigna Long Term Disability Appeal
Nurse suffering from terrible back conditions gets reapproved for Long Term Disability Benefits with Cigna after Attorney Alexander Palamara files an administrative appeal.

Resolved Cases:
LTD Claim Approved by Lincoln for Former Biomet, Inc. Employee suffering from Meniere’s Disease
Project Manager for Biomet, Inc. gets LTD Claim approved after Attorney Alexander Palamara appeals to Lincoln Financial.

Disability Insurance News:
California Court Reverses Sunlife Disability Denial for Woman with Fibromyalgia
In this video, disability insurance attorneys Rachel Alters and Gregory Dell discuss a California Federal Court decision in which a Sunlife disability insurance denial was reversed.

Disability Insurance News:
New Department of Labor Regulations for ERISA Disability Claims
The Department of Labor’s changes to regulations regarding ERISA Disability Claims take effect April 1, 2018.

Resolved Cases:
After appeal filed by Attorney Jay Symonds, Sun Life overturned its previous denial of long term disability benefits for Florida ICU Nurse
Disabled Nurse that was denied LTD benefits under Any Occupation definition by Sun Life is on claim after Dell & Schaefer Appeal.

Disability Insurance News:
Is the Hartford Disability Purchase of Aetna Bad for Aetna LTD Policy Holders?
In this video nationwide long term disability insurance attorneys Gregory Dell and Stephen Jessup discuss what impact they believe this sale will have on Aetna long term disability policy holders.

Resolved Cases:
Disabled Vessel Captain for Marine Services Corporation Wins Long-term Disability Appeal With CIGNA
Congestive heart failure, peripheral artery disease, uncontrolled hypertension, uncontrolled diabetes type 2, bilateral lower extremity neuropathy and other health issues had taken their toll on Chance, causing him to file for disability through his employer’s long-term disability plan with CIGNA.

Resolved Cases:
Standard Overturns Decision to Deny Disabled Project Manager Long-term Disability Insurance Benefits After First Appeal
Standard Terminates Long-term Disability Claim After 24 Months Claiming that the Disability was Due, In Part, to a Mental Disorder.

Resolved Cases:

After appeal filed by Attorney Jay Symonds, Prudential overturned its previous denial of long term disability benefits for New York Financial Control Officer
Disabled Financial Control Officer that was denied LTD benefits by Prudential is on claim after Dell & Schaefer Appeal.

Resolved Cases:

After it had previously overturned a denial after an initial Dell & Schaefer Appeal, Liberty denied our client’s claim again. After a new appeal, Liberty has now agreed to reinstate our client yet again
After again denying Dell & Schaefer client after it had previously reinstated claim, Liberty once again Agrees that Client is disabled and reinstates LTD Benefits.

In this video, attorneys Victor Peña and Gregory Dell discuss the courts reversal of MetLife’s denial of long term disability benefits for a claimant with heart disease. Metlife attempted to rely on an ejection fraction rate reading as a basis to deny the claim.
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