Although the COVID-19 pandemic has existed for less than a year, it’s already started to change the way long term disability claims are being handled (and denied). Some people with pre-existing conditions that aren’t enough for a disability claim on their own could find themselves facing a tough choice: quit your job or expose yourself to COVID? Before taking any decisive action, it’s important to know your rights. What should claimants know about navigating the long term disability claim process in the age of COVID? Continue Reading How COVID-19 Can Impact a Disability Insurance Claim

Mass Mutual is known for writing individual disability insurance  policies for professionals. ERISA laws applicable to employer provided disability insurance policies do not apply. This means that if Mass Mutual denies your disability insurance claim, you can sue them for breach of contract and you have the benefit of a jury trial. Continue Reading Top Denial Reasons of a Mass Mutual Disability Benefit Application – And Tips to Get Paid

Northwestern Mutual sells many different types of disability insurance policies and you must review your own specific policy carefully to determine the definition of disability and what documentation is required. As a general overview of tips for having your claim approved, you must:

  • Present strong medical evidence of your disabling condition.
  • Explain how the disabling condition makes it impossible for you to do your own job for the first 24 months, and after that time, show how it prevents you from doing any job for which you are otherwise qualified.
  • Submit your claim for disability benefits within the time limits established by Northwestern Mutual.
  • Be prepared for Northwestern’s disability insurance interview.

Continue Reading What You Need to Know for a Northwestern Mutual Disability Benefit Application Approval

If you’re one of the many people who struggle with a disabling medical condition that makes it tough to hold down a job, you may be wondering about your disability options. If you have a long term disability policy through Principal, wonder no longer – here at Dell & Schaefer, we’ve handled hundreds of Principal Financial disability claims and can guide you through the ins and outs of the process and what you’ll need to do to recover disability insurance benefits. Like many insurers, Principal  Financial has some common patterns and practices that can be worked around once you’re familiar with them. Learn more about what you’ll need to prove to obtain disability benefits from Principal. Continue Reading What to Know About Suing Principal Financial Disability for Long Term Disability Benefits

Although receiving a denial letter from your long term disability insurance carrier can be discouraging and stressful, the appeal actually presents one of the best opportunities you’ll have to support your claim for disability insurance benefits. Read on for some tips Dell & Schaefer’s nationwide disability insurance attorneys have learned while handling Mutual of Omaha long term disability appeals. Continue Reading Tips to Win Benefits in Your Mutual of Omaha Disability Appeal

The longer Guardian Disability pays out long term disability benefits to a specific claimant, the more these benefits cost—so like all long term disability insurance carriers, Guardian has a vested interest in removing claimants from the disability rolls as soon as it can. This means that getting approved for disability benefits is just the first step; maintaining this approval is the key to receiving benefits through the end of the policy term. Learn more about what claimants should do to preserve their long term disability benefits with Guardian Disability. Continue Reading What to Know About Handling Your Guardian Disability Claim After Approval

What does it take to get approved for disability insurance benefits? If you are seeking disability insurance benefits this video and article will cover many of the frequently asked questions that disability income policy holders ask our disability insurance attorneys. Topics covered include the differences between a group policy and individual disability insurance policy and why getting regular treatment from your doctors is so important. Continue Reading Is It Hard To Get Approved For Long Term Disability Insurance?

Here at Dell & Schaefer, we’ve handled hundreds of long term disability claims with Cigna and New York Life. We’ve learned a few things during this process – most of all, that proving you’re disabled to Cigna’s satisfaction can be a much tougher job than it first appears. Learn more about what Cigna looks for in a claim for disability benefits and how claimants can improve their odds of success. Continue Reading How to Prevent Cigna from Denying Your Disability Claim

Lloyd’s of London is known for insuring famous athletes and celebrities,  But Lloyd’s of London policies aren’t just limited to celebrities, Lloyd’s of London also carries “regular” insurance policies for high level professions as well, providing individual policyholders with supplemental long term disability insurance. If you’re considering submitting a disability insurance claim to Lloyd’s of London or recently have received a letter denying your claim for long term disability insurance  benefits, Dell & Schaefer can help. Read on for some of the tips we’ve learned while helping clients recover disability benefits from Lloyd’s. Continue Reading Tips for Applying for Lloyd’s of London Long Term Disability Benefits

Submitting an application for disability insurance benefits for the first time is one of the most important stages in any disability benefits claim. Cigna’s hyper-focus on pre-existing conditions and their emphasis on what the medical records do (and don’t) contain should be kept in mind when applying for benefits. Learn more about the most common reasons New York Life/Cigna cites when denying a disability benefits claim, as well as what claimants should do before submitting their application for disability benefits to improve their odds of approval. Continue Reading Top 5 Reasons Cigna Denies Disability Benefits: What Claimants Should Know