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If you qualify for a stimulus check, will the stimulus check be an offset to a Disability Insurance benefits?
Will your COVID-19 Stimulus Money be an Offset to your LTD Benefits?

Resolved Case:
Dell & Schaefer secure long term disability benefits for our client after MetLife attempts to deny her claim as it transitions from short to long term disability.
MetLife Approves LTD Claim For Cervical and Thoracic Pain

Disability insurance attorneys Dell & Schaefer discuss the pre-disability occupation duties of the claimant and their impact when seeking LTD benefits.

GREG DELL: Hi, I’m Greg Dell here with attorney Stephen Jessup. And we handle thousands of long-term disability applications for disability claimants across the country. And in this video, I want to concentrate on the importance of clarifying what the occupation is of the claimant, and also how this classification of inability to perform the duties of your occupation, what that really means.

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When receiving a Unum disability claim denial on a policy you’ve potentially paid into for years, it can be disheartening, to say the least. It can also cause devastation to lose your source of income and live with a long-term disability (LTD), making the Unum denied disability even more significant to your ongoing quality of life. But the situation is not entirely without hope, as you have the legal right to file an appeal of the Unum denied claim.

Disability insurance attorneys Greg Dell and Stephen Jessup discuss Unum disability appeal strategies to help those with LTDs know what to expect and how to proceed. Unum is the world’s largest disability insurer for long-term disabilities, and the attorneys at Dell & Schaefer have collectively handled thousands of appeals against Unum of behalf of their clients.
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What Should I Know About a Disability Insurance Medical Exam (IME)?

As part of an ongoing disability insurance claim, it’s common for an individual holding the policy to submit to a “disability insurance medical exam.” Typically referred to by its acronym, IME, it’s basically an independent examination by a physician who is hand-picked by the insurance company or its third-party vendor. Many choose to call it a “compulsory medical exam” because policyholders attempting to claim disability benefits frequently have no choice but to attend this examination.

In many instances, the entire policy could be voided and the claim denied if the disabled claimant fails to appear and undergo evaluation. Since this is a crucial part of receiving the disability benefits you’ve paid for with the policy, it’s absolutely vital to know what to expect and how to conduct yourself within this somewhat stressful scenario. Disability attorneys Greg Dell and Cesar Gavidia share some important tips and advice on how to protect yourself while making the most of this pivotal part of the process.
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Cigna Disability Insurance Policy holders often do their appeal on their own. Cigna doesn’t tell a policy holder everything they need to include in their appeal, but Disability Insurance Attorneys Dell & Schaefer will tell you what you need to know, before you file your appeal.

GREGORY DELL: Hi, I’m Attorney Gregory Dell here with Attorney Cesar Gavidia. And Cesar, in this video, I want to talk about people who have had their long-term disability claim denied by CIGNA Disability Insurance Company, also known as LINA Life Insurance Company of North America.


GREGORY DELL: And people try sometimes to do their appeal on their own. And the reason they do that is because when they get denied, the claim rep calls them kind of most of time in a nice manner. Customer service says, I’m sorry, but we just don’t have enough support for your claim. Can you go ahead and submit an appeal? You have 180 days to do it – 180. And then, someone else is going to – not me, but someone else is going to review the claim. And that’s because the ERISA regulations require them to do that.

So what I want to get into here is for the person who’s been denied, first off, what’s the most important thing of an appeal, number one? And then, we’ll go through some other things.
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When a senior sales executive at SAP America suffered a fall in late 2016, little did she know that her life would be forever changed. She had worked in her high-executive job at the company for seven years, enjoying a good salary for her hard work. But the fall left her with a diagnosis of post-concussive syndrome and traumatic brain injury.

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Learn what to do and what needs to be included in a disability insurance appeal if your claim has been denied by Lincoln Financial.

GREGORY DELL: Hi, I am attorney Gregory Dell. I’m here today with Victor Pena. And Victor, let’s talk today about strategies and things that somebody who’s been denied a long-term disability appeal or claim, I should say, by Lincoln Financial.

Lincoln Financial – company been around for a long time. They’re one of the largest group disability insurers in the entire country. We know that they recently, in 2018, acquired the long-term disability division of Liberty Mutual, which was big.

So the two of them now are a top five largest disability group insurer in the country. But let’s get into person who’s watching this video recently had their claim denied by Lincoln Financial. They need to file an appeal. What is the most important thing that needs to be done in that appeal.

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How Do I Appeal a Disability Insurance Denial from The Hartford?

When it comes to filing Hartford disability appeals, there are some crucial things to know. The appeal process begins just after receiving a disability insurance claim denial in which The Hartford company has rejected your claim. But then what?

Before rushing in and making your own response to the denial, disability insurance attorneys Gregory Dell and Rachel Alters have some important details to help you choose the proper path forward. They’ve handled hundreds of ERISA appeals involving Hartford, with continuing increases due to the company’s 2018 acquisition of the long-term disability division of Aetna.
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When MetLife Insurance Company dishes out a denied disability claim, it’s crucial that your initial appeal is comprehensive and convincing. That’s because you only get one shot at it. Disability insurance lawyers Greg Dell and Alex Palamara, who have handled more than 1,000 of these MetLife claims, explain what’s involved in the process and what it takes for a successful ERISA appeal.
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