Nearly one in every four U.S. adults will live with a disability at some point in their lives. For many of these people, long term disability insurance is the financial bridge they need to help them transition out of the workforce and seek training in another profession or pursue Social Security disability benefits. But when it comes to securing and maintaining your long term disability benefits through Standard Insurance Company, the process can be anything but standard.
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This recent California Federal ERISA long term disability case is another example of an unreasonable denial by the Standard Insurance Company. While this lawsuit was not handled by our disability insurance lawyers, we felt that disability insurance claimants could learn a lot from the findings of this disability lawsuit.
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In a case not handled by Attorneys Dell & Schaefer, but which can be utilized to our clients’ advantage in the future, a Long Term Disability (LTD) Claimant has earned a partial victory against Standard Insurance Company.

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The Plaintiff, with the help of a California disability attorney, filed this lawsuit in the United States District Court against Standard Insurance Company (Standard) and the Oscient Pharmaceuticals Corporation Employee Benefit Plan (Oscient). The lawsuit claims that the Plaintiff did not continue to receive the disability benefits that she was entitled to under the Plan

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Oregon Judge orders Standard Insurance Company to pay disability insurance benefits beyond the 24 month mental disorder limitation

In James F. Kitterman Vs Standard Insurance Company and Standard Select Trust Insurance Plans, the plaintiff, through his Oregon disability attorney, brought an ERISA action against the Standard Insurance Company (Standard) seeking

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California disability attorney sues Standard Insurance Company for denial of long term disability benefits payments to paraplegic

In the case of D. Nielsen Pollock Vs Standard Insurance Company, filed at the District Court for the Southern District Of California, the plaintiff complained that the Standard Insurance Company (Standard Insurance) have

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A Senator’s view of ERISA disability insurance claims

This video features the testimony of Montana United States Senator Max Baucus at a Senate Finance Committee Meeting. Senator Baucus focuses his testimony on the problems with ERISA disability insurance laws and the unfair claims handling practices of disability insurance companies. Senator Baucus