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Who makes the final decison to approve or deny disability insurance benefits?

Is it the disability insurance claim representative or hired insurance company doctor that makes the decisional to approve or deny benefits?

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Can Veteran Disability Benefits be deducted from my monthly long term disability insurance check?

Ms. Kathleen M. Hackett brought suit in the U.S. District Court of South Dakota’s Western Division against Standard Insurance Company (Standard), alleging that Standard had wrongfully denied her long-term disability benefits claim. In the first round, in 2007, both parties moved for summary judgment. The District Court granted summary judgment to Standard on August 15

In a recent long-term disability case against The Standard Insurance Company the court granted specific discovery request in order to further explore The Standard’s potential conflict of interest. The Standard objected to all questions that the claimant’s disability attorney had asked with regard to The Standard’s potential bias and conflict of interest. Prior to granting

The Standard Insurance Company sells multiple different long-term disability policies to dentist and other medical professionals. The difference in each policy is usually the definition of disability. In my opinion, the following definition of Own Occupation Disability sold by Standard is called an Own Occupation definition, but it is not a true Own Occupation

Lynda Sacks worked as a mortgage loan underwriter for Countrywide Home Loans, Inc. Her employer offered both short-term and long-term disability plans issued by Standard Insurance Company (Standard) effective January 1, 2005. Standard was responsible for funding both disability plans and making the claims determinations.

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George Nevitt, a practicing attorney fell down a flight of stairs on June 19, 2001. His injuries were so severe, that The Standard Insurance Company (Standard), the company that provided his company’s employee welfare benefit plan, initially approved Nevitt’s claim for disability benefits. In April 2007, Standard terminated Nevitt’s coverage claiming that he no longer qualified because of the mental disorder limitation of the plan.
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Once again the Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals has upheld a state’s rights to protect employees that have long-term disability insurance policies issued by their employers. In an opinion filed on October 27, 2009, three circuit judges on the ninth circuit reached a unanimous decision that a state’s practice of disapproving insurance policies that

For several years, Elizabeth Black was the executive director of Milwaukee World Festival, Inc. (MWF), the organization that governs Summerfest, a music festival in Milwaukee. Black was covered under the company’s disability insurance plan, underwritten and administered by Standard Insurance Company. Black was diagnosed with multiple aortic aneurysms, bulging and weak areas in the aorta.
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During the week of July 13, 2009, Attorney Gregory Dell spent several days in Portland, Oregon deposing multiple employees of The Standard Disability Insurance Company. Prior to taking the depositions, The Standard refused to make their employees available for deposition and instructed their attorney to file a motion preventing Attorney Gregory Dell from taking the depositions.
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Carol Shepherd, a fork-lift operator for Daramic, was insured under the company’s group disability plan with Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company. In 2004, Ms. Shepherd had an anxiety attack at work and Daramic suspended her and required that she participate in anger management before returning to work.
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