This is an example of Hartford disability benefit denial which never should have been denied. In this Hartford long term disability denial, long term disability lawyer Alex Palamara discusses how he was able to help a Best Buy manager with heart disease to win his disability benefits. Continue Reading Best Buy Manager with Heart Disease Wins Hartford Disability Appeal

In this Hartford long term disability benefits denial, Rachel Alters discusses how she was able to help a nurse with a knee and back disorders to win her disability insurance benefits. Rachel also provides tips about how to prevent a Hartford long term disability denial. This case was won during the own occupation definition of disability and Rachel is already preparing the claim so that there will be a smooth transition from own occupation to any occupation.Continue Reading Nurse With Knee and Back Disorder Wins Hartford Disability Insurance Appeal

This was a really bad denial by Hartford, but unfortunately not that unusual. Disability insurance attorney Alex Palamara discusses the reason for Hartford’s disability denial and the steps we took to get the Hartford disability denial reversed.Continue Reading ADP Admin With Amputated Leg Denied Hartford Long Term Disability Benefits Wins Appeal

Disability attorneys Gregory Dell & Cesar Gavidia discuss how they helped a former ORACLE employee to win his Hartford long term disability benefits. We provide some disability claim tips in order to help you avoid a denial.Continue Reading Hartford Disability Denial Reversed for Oracle Manager and Veteran with Cardiovascular Disease

In this Hartford long term disability denial disability attorneys Gregory Dell and Stephen Jessup discuss a horrible denial by Hartford where they relied on their own nurse and manipulated a treating doctor’s opinion to deny benefits.Continue Reading Hartford Long Term Disability Appeal Victory for Truck Driver with Hip, Back and Cardiac Disorders

Hartford pays for 6 years and then out of the blue decides to send the claimant to an independent medical exam. The problem is that the exam is not usually independent.

In this case, Hartford relied on their own hired doctor to deny long term disability benefits. Long term disability attorneys discuss the strategies we took to get Hartford’s long term disability denial reversed.Continue Reading Hartford Denies Disability Benefits to Theater Technician with Vestibular Disorder After 6 Years

Our client was executive director of trusts at a large bank. Meniere’s disease is a chronic medical condition and in this case our client even had surgery to improve his medical condition. Hartford did paper medical reviews and denied his disability benefits. Benefits were never approved.Continue Reading Executive Director with Meniere’s Disease Denied Disability Insurance Benefits By Hartford

This case is a good discussion of issues that arise when you have mental nervous and physically disabling conditions. Hartford denied long term disability benefits three weeks before the change from own occupation to any occupation definition of disability. Hartford also denied claiming that the disabling medical condition was only for mental disabilities. This is a common denial strategy used by The Hartford.Continue Reading Home Depot Employee Gets Hartford Disability Benefit Denial Reversed

It’s a sad reality that your long term disability insurance benefits can be denied regardless of how long you have been receiving payments. This long term disability benefits denial appeal handled by attorney Cesar Gavidia is an example Hartford long term disability claim that was denied after paying for 15 years.Continue Reading Project Manager Denied Disability Insurance Benefits by Hartford After 15 Years