This is an example of Hartford disability benefit denial which never should have been denied. In this Hartford long term disability denial, long term disability lawyer Alex Palamara discusses how he was able to help a Best Buy manager with heart disease to win his disability benefits.

Our client was initially approved for Hartford LTD benefits but after 7 months Hartford sent him for an IME exam and denied his benefits. Hartford failed to hire a heart doctor and instead relied on an occupational medicine doctor to deny benefits. Hartford also relied on a job description which failed to consider the duties of our client’s occupation as a Best Buy manager.

This case was won during the own occupation definition of disability and Alex is already preparing the claim for the battle due to the change of definition from own occupation to any occupation.

  • What did Hartford rely upon in order to deny disability benefits?
  • What was our strategy to get the Hartford disability denial reversed?
  • Hartford used the wrong occupational description in order to deny benefits
  • Hartford did not rely on a doctor with the appropriate medical specialty