Our client was executive director of trusts at a large bank. Meniere’s disease is a chronic medical condition and in this case our client even had surgery to improve his medical condition. Hartford did paper medical reviews and denied his disability benefits. Benefits were never approved.

Hartford ignored the findings of the treating doctors in support of disability. We discuss the strategies that attorneys Gregory Dell and Rachel Alters took in order to get the Hartford disability denial reversed. In this Hartford disability appeal, our work with a vocational expert was key in winning the appeal.

We discuss:

  • What were Aetna/Hartford’s reasons for denying disability benefits?
  • What was the winning factor to get the denial reversed?
  • How can a vocational expert help with your disability appeal?
  • Once we win the appeal, how do we continue to protect the continuation of our client’s benefit payment?
  • When preparing an appeal you have to not only think about winning now, but also getting support to continue benefits for as long as you need them.