Cigna Disability Insurance Policy holders often do their appeal on their own. Cigna doesn’t tell a policy holder everything they need to include in their appeal, but Disability Insurance Attorneys Dell & Schaefer will tell you what you need to know, before you file your appeal.

GREGORY DELL: Hi, I’m Attorney Gregory Dell here with Attorney Cesar Gavidia. And Cesar, in this video, I want to talk about people who have had their long-term disability claim denied by CIGNA Disability Insurance Company, also known as LINA Life Insurance Company of North America.


GREGORY DELL: And people try sometimes to do their appeal on their own. And the reason they do that is because when they get denied, the claim rep calls them kind of most of time in a nice manner. Customer service says, I’m sorry, but we just don’t have enough support for your claim. Can you go ahead and submit an appeal? You have 180 days to do it – 180. And then, someone else is going to – not me, but someone else is going to review the claim. And that’s because the ERISA regulations require them to do that.

So what I want to get into here is for the person who’s been denied, first off, what’s the most important thing of an appeal, number one? And then, we’ll go through some other things.Continue Reading Important Information If Your LTD Claim has been denied by CIGNA

In Hester v. Life Insurance Company of North America, a recent case out of the Eastern District of Kentucky, the widow of a deceased employee of CSX attempted to bring an ERISA action, alleging that LINA wrongfully denied her claim for death benefits nearly eleven years earlier. Finding plaintiff’s civil action to be untimely, the Kentucky court entered judgment in favor of LINA.
Continue Reading Kentucky District Court concludes that Kentucky’s five year statute of limitations applies to ERISA actions

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