Here at Dell & Schaefer, we’ve handled hundreds of long term disability claims with Cigna and New York Life. We’ve learned a few things during this process – most of all, that proving you’re disabled to Cigna’s satisfaction can be a much tougher job than it first appears. Learn more about what Cigna looks for in a claim for disability benefits and how claimants can improve their odds of success.
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Submitting an application for disability insurance benefits for the first time is one of the most important stages in any disability benefits claim. Cigna’s hyper-focus on pre-existing conditions and their emphasis on what the medical records do (and don’t) contain should be kept in mind when applying for benefits. Learn more about the most common reasons New York Life/Cigna cites when denying a disability benefits claim, as well as what claimants should do before submitting their application for disability benefits to improve their odds of approval.
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Cigna Disability Insurance Policy holders often do their appeal on their own. Cigna doesn’t tell a policy holder everything they need to include in their appeal, but Disability Insurance Attorneys Dell & Schaefer will tell you what you need to know, before you file your appeal.

GREGORY DELL: Hi, I’m Attorney Gregory Dell here with Attorney Cesar Gavidia. And Cesar, in this video, I want to talk about people who have had their long-term disability claim denied by CIGNA Disability Insurance Company, also known as LINA Life Insurance Company of North America.


GREGORY DELL: And people try sometimes to do their appeal on their own. And the reason they do that is because when they get denied, the claim rep calls them kind of most of time in a nice manner. Customer service says, I’m sorry, but we just don’t have enough support for your claim. Can you go ahead and submit an appeal? You have 180 days to do it – 180. And then, someone else is going to – not me, but someone else is going to review the claim. And that’s because the ERISA regulations require them to do that.

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As experts in long-term disability insurance claims, attorneys Greg Dell and Stephen Jessup explain the intricate layers involved in disability benefit denials and related lawsuits. Assuming that an individual by Cigna has completed all possible appeals and is now faced with filing a lawsuit, here’s a look the roadmap for filing that suit. From filing timelines to realistic expectations and possible remedies, these Dell & Schaefer disability insurance attorneys dig from a deep well of experience handling hundreds of Cigna claims, appeals and lawsuits across the country.

From Denial Letter to Lawsuit Filing

So, you’re holding a denial letter in your hand and have no idea what your options are – or even if any hopes of reprisal exist. The letter states that you have exhausted all remedies and the matter is closed. But that’s far from reality because that’s the point at which ERISA allows you to file a lawsuit to reassert your rights and claim legitimate disabled status.Continue Reading Strategies and Tips for a Cigna Disability Benefit Lawsuit

It seems that claimants are denied long term disability benefits by CIGNA every day. CIGNA’s denials are predictable and tend to follow the same denial techniques from one claim to the next. After a LTD denial claimants are forced to go through the appeals process to get back on claim and with CIGNA it seems almost impossible to convince the appeals department to overturn an initial denial of benefits.

Such was the case with Ms. Sangha as she was left with no other option but to file a lawsuit against CIGNA in a California federal district court.Continue Reading California Court overturns denial of benefits by CIGNA

In a recent ruling from the United States District Court District of Nevada, a Judge ruled that CIGNA/LINA was wrong in denying continued Long Term Disability Benefits to Kimberly Brown.
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