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Lincoln Financial, along with many other disability insurance companies, has a reputation for denying claims. It makes sense they would do that despite their advertising about how great they are. The more money they do not have to pay to claimants the more money the disability insurance company makes for itself. At Dell & Schaefer, our experience has taught us what needs to be done to avoid a Lincoln Financial disability claim denial and what every disability insurance claimant needs to do monthly to stay on claim.
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Knowing when and how to file for long term disability insurance benefits under a Lincoln Financial policy can be a challenge, and this process can be fraught with potential pitfalls that may not be apparent to many claimants. Learn more about what to expect when filing a disability insurance claim with Lincoln Financial and how the attorneys at Dell & Schafer can help you navigate this stage of your disability insurance claim.

Understand Your Disability Policy Language and What it Requires

When it comes to disability insurance, there are two prevailing schools of thought—(1) disability insurance benefits claims should be paid if the claimant can no longer do their job; and (2) disability insurance benefits claims should be paid only if the claimant can no longer do any job. Knowing which of these categories your own Lincoln Financial policy falls into will tell you what you need to prove to win your disability claim.
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Learn what to do and what needs to be included in a disability insurance appeal if your claim has been denied by Lincoln Financial.

GREGORY DELL: Hi, I am attorney Gregory Dell. I’m here today with Victor. And Victor, let’s talk today about strategies and things that somebody who’s been denied a long-term disability appeal or claim, I should say, by Lincoln Financial.

Lincoln Financial – company been around for a long time. They’re one of the largest group disability insurers in the entire country. We know that they recently, in 2018, acquired the long-term disability division of Liberty Mutual, which was big.

So the two of them now are a top five largest disability group insurer in the country. But let’s get into person who’s watching this video recently had their claim denied by Lincoln Financial. They need to file an appeal. What is the most important thing that needs to be done in that appeal.Continue Reading Strategies to Appeal a Denied Lincoln Financial Disability Insurance Claim

In this video, attorneys Gregory Dell and Stephen Jessup discuss the importance of medical documentation by a treating physician. They need to include what impact that condition has on the claimant’s ability to do his or her job. Mr. Jessup won a recent case against Lincoln Financial Group when, on a second administrative appeal, he was able to present convincing evidence that the claimant, who suffered from multiple sclerosis (MS), could not do her job.
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Susan Till v. Lincoln National Life Insurance Company (Lincoln) is a 74 page opinion in which the plaintiff, a radiology technician who suffered with severe back pain, raised many issues in her pursuit of long-term disability benefits. Till’s application for long term disability benefits was denied and, after she exhausted her administrative appeals, she filed this ERISA law suit.
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What is my "Own Occupation"? The overwhelming majority of ERISA governed group disability policies provide benefits for a period of time normally lasting 12-24 months for one’s inability to perform the duties of their "Own Occupation." Although the actual policy language varies from insurance carrier to carrier, each insurance company will usually define Own Occupation to mean the duties of the occupation as is it found in the national economy and not the actual job duties you are performing for your employer. The insurance companies will in turn review your Own Occupation as it is found in either the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT), O*Net or some other similar vocational resource. More often than not, many people who have had their claim for benefits denied argue that the insurance company did not consider their claim in light of the actual job duties. A recent court decision may give this argument more strength.Continue Reading A New York Federal Court rules that Lincoln Financial abused its discretion, in part, by failing to consider the actual job duties of claimant

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