After handling hundreds of claims against Reliance Standard for long-term disability denials, the attorneys at Dell & Schaefer law firm give some tips and insights for those who need to file an appeal. Disability insurance lawyer Greg Dell and fellow attorney Alex Palamara explain that the large majority of LTD cases with Reliance Standard insurance company are ERISA appeals because the company writes group disability policies as part of employee benefits. Understanding how these policies work is crucial when it comes to appealing a disability insurance claim denial.

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Juanita Nichols worked as a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Coordinator at Peco Foods, Inc, a chicken processing plant in Sebastopol, Mississippi. As part of her job, she was regularly exposed to cold temperatures as chicken processing plants are required by federal law to operate much of their facilities under a certain temperature for food safety reasons.

In late 2015 and early 2016, Nichols was diagnosed with Raynaud’s phenomenon, a circulatory disorder. The condition meant that Nichols could develop gangrene if she continued to work in colder temperatures. On January 28, 2016, Nichols stopped working due to her limitations with working in the cold.

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In this video, Attorneys Gregory Dell & Rachel Alters discuss a recent court ruling in which Reliance Standard failed to reasonably evaluate the cognitive aspects of the plaintiff’s requirements to do her job as an attorney. Unfortunately for the policy holder, the court remanded the claim back to Reliance Standard for further evaluation of benefits.

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In Okuno v. Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company, the plaintiff was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, Sjogren’s syndrome and possibly narcolepsy. Her claim for long-term disability was denied when Reliance determined she could perform the duties of her own occupation. She exhausted her administrative remedies and filed this lawsuit under the provisions of ERISA. In court, she claimed Reliance erred in determining she was not disabled from her own occupation instead of analyzing whether she was disabled from any occupation. The district court disagreed with the plaintiff holding that when Reliance determined she could perform her own occupation it “of course recognized that she could perform a job fitting within the plan definition of ‘any occupation.’”
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When reviewing a claim for disability benefits a plan administrator is not required to do an in-person exam of the claimant. However, in certain circumstances courts have found that an administrator’s failure to do so is arbitrary and capricious.
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Although this recently decided case was not handled by Attorneys Dell & Schaefer Chartered, it can be used an educational tool for those currently on claim or those thinking of making a claim for disability benefits.

The Factual Background

Sylvia R. suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Being employed by GAF Materials Corporation she was apparently covered by a Long Term Disability (LTD) Insurance Policy that would provide her with an income should be unable to perform the duties of her occupation. This Policy was with the Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company.

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The Plaintiff, Joni D., with the help of her Alabama Disability Attorney has filed a lawsuit against Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company and the Group Long Term Disability Policy For Employees Of Madison County Community Hospital for the wrongful termination of long term disability benefits.

In Joni D. Vs. Reliance Standard, Plaintiff is suing

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In Daniel C. Vs Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company, the Plaintiff has filed a lawsuit with the help of his Ohio Disability Lawyer for the termination of long term disability benefits that were promised under the Plan provided by Plaintiff’s employer, United Dairy Farmers, Inc. (UDF).

History of the Plaintiff

Plaintiff worked at UDF