This was a horrible Reliance Standard long term disability benefit denial. Long term disability lawyers Rachel Alters and Gregory Dell discuss a successful LTD appeal on behalf of a factory worker that had suffered multiple serious injuries to his knees and shoulders in an ATV accident.

After 16 years of Reliance Standard disability payments, Reliance relied on a paper review by a hired gun consultant to deny disability benefits. Reliance Standard ignored an IME exam which found that he would never get better.

Long term disability attorney Rachel Alters discusses the steps she took to submit an appeal and get our client’s disability benefits paid.

  • In 2008 Reliance conducts an IME exam and determines claimant’s medical condition will get worse over time, yet they deny his benefits 12 years later
  • After 16 years of paying benefits, what changed that made Reliance Standard think the claimant could return to work?
  • A claimant that tells their doctor they are “OK” does not mean they are “OK” to return to work
  • How did we prove our client was disabled and should be paid disability benefits?
  • How do we work with our client’s treating doctors to help win the appeal?