This was a great long term disability appeal victory against Reliance Standard on behalf of a LA police department officer suffering with COPD and a back disorder. Reliance Standard relied on their own nurse to deny disability benefits.

In this video long term disability lawyer Alex Palamara discusses the reasons Reliance Standard denied disability benefits and the strategies Alex took to get the disability insurance denial reversed. We have helped a lot of police officers and it’s often that a disability company doesn’t understand the heavy duty job requirements of a police officer.

This case had an interesting fact pattern where our client was punished by Reliance Standard for attempting to return to work. Thankfully we were able to submit a strong appeal which convinced Reliance that our client was disabled.

  • What did Reliance Standard rely upon to deny long term disability benefits?
  • Reliance Standard used claimant’s attempts to return to work as a basis to deny his disability claim
  • Why does Reliance Standard commonly rely on nurses to deny long term disability benefits?