Q&A - Ask A Disability Insurance Lawyer

When it comes to a disability insurance claim denial, many intricate details lead to the subsequent appeals and lawsuits. A crucial element in most claims is the attending physician’s statement, records and diagnosis. This can substantially bolster a policyholder’s disability claim, but only if it’s documented in a proper way that actually benefits the claimant.Continue Reading Should I Allow a Disability Insurance Company to Interview My Doctor?

Disability insurance attorneys Dell & Schaefer discuss the pre-disability occupation duties of the claimant and their impact when seeking LTD benefits.

GREG DELL: Hi, I’m Greg Dell here with attorney Stephen Jessup. And we handle thousands of long-term disability applications for disability claimants across the country. And in this video, I want to concentrate on the importance of clarifying what the occupation is of the claimant, and also how this classification of inability to perform the duties of your occupation, what that really means.Continue Reading What Every Disability Insurance Policy Holders Should Expect When Defining their Occupation

What Should I Know About a Disability Insurance Medical Exam (IME)?

As part of an ongoing disability insurance claim, it’s common for an individual holding the policy to submit to a “disability insurance medical exam.” Typically referred to by its acronym, IME, it’s basically an independent examination by a physician who is hand-picked by the insurance company or its third-party vendor. Many choose to call it a “compulsory medical exam” because policyholders attempting to claim disability benefits frequently have no choice but to attend this examination.

In many instances, the entire policy could be voided and the claim denied if the disabled claimant fails to appear and undergo evaluation. Since this is a crucial part of receiving the disability benefits you’ve paid for with the policy, it’s absolutely vital to know what to expect and how to conduct yourself within this somewhat stressful scenario. Disability attorneys Greg Dell and Cesar Gavidia share some important tips and advice on how to protect yourself while making the most of this pivotal part of the process.Continue Reading Tips and Preparation for a Disability Insurance Medical Exam (IME)