Disability Insurance Law TV:
Unum / Provident / Paul Revere Long & Short Term Disability Claims

In this episode disability insurance attorneys Gregory Dell, Stephen Jessup and Cesar Gavidia of Attorneys Dell & Schaefer discuss Unum and their handling of long term disability insurance claims. Unum has taken over all disability polices sold by Paul Revere, Provident, Unum Provident, and Colonial Life. Unum is the world’s largest provider of disability insurance company and this video is short summary of the company and their disability claim handling tactics.

Disability Blog & Cases:
Pennsylvania Federal Judge orders Prudential Insurance Company to pay disability benefits to woman diagnosed with RSD

Since 2001, Prudential Insurance Company of America has approved and denied the long term disability benefits of Donna Elms on numerous occasions. Despite the approval of SSDI benefits and support from her treating physicians, Prudential wrongfully denied disability benefits. This case is a classic example of the continuous difficulties that a disability company can give a claimant throughout the duration of their disability claim. Fortunately, Ms. Elms did not give up and was successful in making Prudential pay her the disability benefits she was owed. Let’s take a closer look at the Ms. Elms’ 8 year battle with Prudential.

Disability Blog & Cases:
MetLife denies benefits to stockbroker disabled by depression, yet Pennsylvania Federal Judge awards disability benefits

When the Court sends a claim back to the long-term disability insurance company for another review, it is no guarantee that the insurance company will grant long-term disability benefits, as the case of Cheryl Schwarzwaelder demonstrates. In a recent case against Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MetLife), the court remanded the case back to Metlife for further review, which resulted in another claim denial and years of further delay. Unfortunately, there are numerous cases against Metlife in which the company has repeatedly ignored the recommendations of a disability claimant’s treating physician. Let’s take a closer look at the long term disability insurance claim of this previously successful Pennsylvania stock broker.