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Weston Engineering employee sues AETNA Life Insurance Company for denied disability benefits

Richard R. and his Illinois disability attorney filed a lawsuit in the United District Court in the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division on December 9, 2010 against his employer and AETNA Life Insurance Company for long term disability benefits. A Weston Engineering Inc. employee since July 6, 2009, Richard R., a headache sufferer since he was a teenager, complained to his family doctor of intensification of his headache problems. Consequently, Richard R.’s doctor increased Richard R.’s pain medication to try to remedy the situation.

FAQ: Disability Policy Language
What should I be aware of if I am buying a disability insurance policy?

It is important to take into consideration that every disability income policy may have different features.

FAQ: Disability Companies
What are the differences between an individual disability insurance policy and an ERISA / Group disability policy?

Most group disability policies (also known as ERISA policies) are governed by a very complex federal statute called the Employees Retirement Income Securities Act (“ERISA”). An individual usually has a disability policy governed by ERISA, if they received the disability policy as an employee benefit from an employer.