Attorneys Dell & Schaefer is skilled at negotiating Aetna lump sum buyouts. Typically, Aetna doesn’t offer a buyout option, but it is not impossible to get the highest dollar offer from Aetna. You need to know the pros and cons of a buyout, and most of all you need to understand the settlement and release agreement – especially if you choose to return to work.

Attorneys Dell & Schaefer will always negotiate the highest buyout settlement and inform you of your rights under the settlement and release agreement.

Attorneys Dell & Schafer will:

  • Calculate the Value of Your Lump Sum Buyout
  • Evaluate a Lump Sum Buyout vs. Monthly Payments
  • Negotiate the Highest Dollar Amount of Your Lump Sum Settlement

Know Your Rights. If Aetna has offered you a lump sum settlement, please consult with Attorneys Dell & Schaefer. We will review your policy and discuss your options. We always offer a Free Consultation.