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Medical Doctor suffering from disabling chronic conditions sues AXA Equitable for wrongful denial of disability benefits

A Montana disability lawyer recently filed a federal lawsuit against the AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company (AXA). The Plaintiff, Marise J., M.D., was employed as a licensed medical doctor and was board certified in internal medicine. She had been practicing medicine for over 30 years.

Disability Blog & Cases:
Aetna Disability Denial of Marriott Employee Upheld by Louisiana Federal Judge

A former Marriott Employee was unsuccessful in his lawsuit seeking a reversal of Aetna Life Insurance Company’s disability insurance denial. As a former director of engineering, earning more than $200,000 a year, this former Marriott employee stopped working due to disabling lumbar herniations and back pain…

Disability Blog & Cases:
Who is Making the Decisions on a Sun Life Disability Benefits Claim?

Disability insurance claimants are routinely telling our disability insurance attorneys about their dissatisfaction with the manner in which a disability insurance company has handled their claim for disability benefits. Let’s take a look at why this disappointment is taking place.

FAQ: Tax Issues
How can a claimant exclude their disability insurance benefit payments from Federal Income Tax?

What actions can a claimant take in order to exclude Disability Insurance Benefits from personal income tax?