If you’re the holder of an individual or group long term disability insurance policy through the Equitable insurance company, you’re luckier than many claimants – these policies are generally thorough and high-quality, offering an expansive definition of disability and fairly few limitations as compared to other long term disability insurance policies. But proving to Equitable and its third party claims investigator that you’re entitled to disability benefits can still seem like an uphill battle for many claimants. What should disability claimants know about the disability insurance claim approval process and what they can expect from Equitable?

GREG DELL: Hi. I’m Greg Dell here with attorney Cesar Gavidia. And we are going to discuss the Equitable insurance company today. And specifically, we’re going to discuss how they handle long-term disability insurance claims. Now, Cesar, we know Equitable is a unique disability claim because of the fact that they commonly use a third-party administrator, known as Disability Management Services, to administer their claims. What’s been your experience when working with claims from the Equitable?
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Our client, a chiropractor, was involved in motor vehicle accidents in 2005 and 2007, which resulted in him suffering from lumbar radiculopathy and cervical discogenic disease. As a solo practitioner and business owner he attempted to continue to work through the pain by working in a reduced fashion. He modified the techniques he employed for certain chiropractic procedures, and had to eliminate others all together. By the middle of 2008 the worsening pain became such that he realized he would no longer be able to work as a chiropractor
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