Resolved Disability Insurance Cases

Resolved Case:
Cigna reinstates the benefits of a former Sales Representative with chronic back pain following an appeal submitted by Attorney Stephen Jessup.
Cigna Overturns Denial of Long Term Disability Benefits On Appeal

Resolved Case:
Disabled Account Manager that was denied Long-Term Disability benefits by CIGNA is on claim after Dell & Schaefer Appeal.
Life Insurance Company of North America (CIGNA) overturned previous denial of long term disability benefits for New Jersey Account Manager

Resolved Case:
Disabled Software Engineer that was denied Long-Term Disability benefits by Prudential Insurance Company of America is on claim after Dell & Schaefer Appeal.
Prudential Insurance Company of America overturned previous denial of long term disability benefits for Oregon Software Engineer

Our client was an OB/GYN with 18 years of experience who was suffering from Sensory motor and Peripheral Neuropathy; disc degeneration and herniations of the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine, with associated radiculopathy; osteoarthritis / degenerative joint disease; and the loss of vision in his left eye. He attempted to continue to work through the constant pain he was experiencing, but was eventually forced to cease working and file for disability insurance benefits under his privately disability policy with MetLife.

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Our client was a former United States postal worker who became disabled due to a back injury he sustained in an automobile accident in 2003. Several years before the accident, he purchased a disability insurance policy offered by his credit card company, which provided a lump sum payment in the amount of one million dollars if he became permanently disabled. The disability insurance policy was administered and funded by Federal Insurance Company. Following the accident he was in and out of work for approximately ten months. Upon returning to work he aggravated his back, and was forced to miss additional work. Despite his best attempts to return to work he was ultimately forced to cease working in October of 2004. At that time he filed for Social Security disability benefits, which were ultimately awarded in June of 2005.

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Our client, a financial currency trader, purchased a long term disability policy from Unum more than 10 years before she was forced to file a claim. Our client was a successful currency trader with a history of depression and bouts of severe fatigue, who, due to her conditions stopped working in January of 2008. For over 18 months she was unable to get out of bed most days, let alone remember or consider the disability insurance policy she had purchased many years before.

In August of 2009, with the assistance of her family, she filed a claim for long term disability income benefits under her Unum policy based on her depression and chronic fatigue. Unum immediately informed her of the notice of claim and proof of loss provisions in her policy, which establish the deadlines for the filing of information. Additionally, they began to request numerous documents of her, many of which were no longer available, as her former employer was no longer in business.

Overwhelmed by the situation and facing financial hardships they contacted Dell and Schaefer at the end of November 2009, to take over the handling of the claim.

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Our client, an OB/GYN purchased long term disability insurance policies from Berkshire and Liberty Mutual in hopes that he would never need to file a disability claim. He began experiencing a slight tremor in his left hand in 2006. At that time he sought treatment to determine the origin of the tremor and his options for treatment. It was initially determined that the tremor was minimal and was not impacting his ability to practice as an OB/GYN.

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Disability Insurance Attorney Gregory Dell was retained to help an industrial salesman negotiate a lump-sum buyout offer with Life Insurance Company of North America (LINA), also knwon as CIGNA Group Insurance.

Our client had been on claim for several years as a result of a cardiac condition. His claim had not been smooth as he had previosuly been denied by LINA and was forced to file an appeal in order to reinstate his benefits. His policy paid him long-term disability benefits until age 65 if he remained disabled.

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Our client, a general surgeon with chronic back pain, will finally receive the long-term disability benefits that he has been denied since October 2004. The United States District Court for the Central District of Illinois entered a final judgment of $402,268.00 against UNUM (formerly known as Paul Revere Life Insurance Company).  In addition to the $402,000 our client’s disability policy will pay him more than $3.9 million over his lifetime.

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Disability Attorneys Dell & Schaefer win a long-term disability appeal on behalf of a psychologist whose disability benefits were denied by Liberty Mutual. Our client’s benefits were re-instated and she will now receive several hundred thousands of dollars throughout her lifetime. 

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Dr. C, a podiatrist / podiatric surgeon, was successfully practicing in Texas prior to the injury which caused his disability. During a routine blood draw, the phlebotomist taking Dr. C’s blood sample mistakenly injected the needle too deep into Dr. C’s right arm. Dr. C immediately felt shooting and burning pain radiating down his right arm and into his hand. In the weeks that followed, Dr. C experienced severe burning and tingling in his right arm. Dr. C consulted with a colleague in the hospital, a hand specialist, who explained that it was likely that the phlebotomist had injured his median nerve during the blood draw. The hand specialist advised Dr. C that if his symptoms did not resolve within a few weeks to come back and see him.

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Dr. Z, a chiropractor, suffered an injury to both of his wrists while performing work in his backyard. As a result, Dr. Z was forced to discontinue his profession as a chiropractor and file disability claims under his three long-term disability insurance policies. Wanting to insure his financial future in the event that he became disabled, Dr. Z maintained three individual disability policies with three different insurance companies. Initially, the disability carriers approved Dr. Z’s claims and began paying him monthly disability benefits.

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