A lump sum buyout, also known as a disability settlement, is one payment for the agreed upon value of a claimants disability insurance policy. After this onetime payment is made, the claimant will no longer be paid benefits on a monthly basis.

Additionally, the claimant no longer has an obligation to provide documentation that he or she is disabled. A lump sum buyout is not always available and sometimes not advisable for all disability insurance claimants.

In this video, Attorney Gregory Dell and Stephen Jessup discuss the many factors that go into an insurance company offering or even negotiating a lump sum buyout. Topics covered in this video include:

· What is the Future Value of Your Claim?
· Are You a Candidate for Lump Sum Buyout?
· Does Your Disability Insurance Company Have to Offer a Lump Sum Buyout?
· Would an Insurance Company Consider a Lump Sum Buyout with My Medical Condition?
· What Factors Go Into Determining the Value of Your Disability Policy
· Is a Lump Sum Buyout the Best Economic Decision for You?

Watch this video to learn more about lump sum buyouts. Our attorneys are skilled at negotiating with insurance companies to get your benefits paid. If a lump sum buyout is something you are considering, please call one of our attorneys for a free consultation.