Has your disability insurance company recently asked you to complete a neuro-psych evaluation to maintain your disability insurance? The neuro-psych evaluation can declare that you have cognitive limitations and often aims to prove that you are exaggerating your medical condition to receive disability benefits. The evaluation includes a questionnaire and a verbal interview segment.

You can request to have that interview portion of the evaluation videotaped and SHOULD do so. Requesting that you have it videotape ensures that there’s a record that a court can view as a neutral account of your cognitive abilities so that you can fight the test if you’re found unfit for insurance.

Indeed, the level of subjectivity in these neuro-psych evaluation tests is on the side of the disability insurance company, not you, and it’s key to be aware of that. That’s why a neutral video showcasing how you answered the question may save you in the event of fighting for your insurance benefits in front of a judge.

Of course, hindsight is 20/20 and you’re probably only reading this once you’ve done the neuro-psych test or about to take the test. But if at all possible we’ve caught you before this is even a threat to your insurance, then we advise that you yourself take your own neuro-psych evaluation on your own. That way, in the event that your insurance requests one, you can have one on their terms and another that you completed on more neutral grounds. But if you’ve already taken the insurance company’s evaluation, know that there must be a minimum 9 month break between doing another so it may be too late to complete an individual one.

Our main tips: asking for your interview portion to be recorded or videotaped AND to perform an a individual neuro-psych evaluation ahead of time or 9 months after the insurance company’s questionnaire will help your case tremendously! See our lawyers discuss these tips in depth in the video!