A Senior Project Manager is a complex job that requires attention to detail and the ability to multitask. In this long term disability claim denial handled by attorneys Cesar Gavidia and Greg Dell, Unum ignored the cognitive limitations of our client.

In this video we discuss Unum’s unreasonable basis for denying long term disability benefits and we discuss the strategies we used to get the Unum disability denial reversed. The key to winning this claim was to objectively provide medical evidence of cognitive limitations. Learn what were the medical conditions disabling our client and what Unum relied upon to deny long term disability benefits.

What objective evidence does Unum expect to be presented for a cognitive disability? Learn about our appeal strategy to get the Unum disability denial reversed.

We discuss about the mental nervous limitation in a Unum disability policy.

When writing your appeal you must have a strategy that considers what happens after you win the appeal.

Learn more about the disability benefits denial for a manager and what you can do to protect your benefits.