One of the most common reasons for the denial of long term disability benefits involves the disability insurance company’s paper review of your claim file. If the insurance company doesn’t think your claim looks strong on paper, it may order an independent medical exam (IME) – which isn’t so much of an “exam” as having its own nurse or in-house doctor review your claim file.

In this video we discuss what claimants should know about the paper review and IME, as well as the type of information your claim file will need to contain to improve your odds of approval.

  • Your disability company will have their own nurse, in-house doctor or an outside company review your medical records and make a determination if you are disabled or not.
  • It’s frustrating that disability insurance companies attempt to rely on paper file reviews when they would never accept your claim if you were never physically examined by a doctor.
  • Not every doctor hired to examine you by a disability insurance company is a hired gun, but you need to do research before agreeing to be examined by the doctor chosen by your disability company.
  • The third-party companies that hire doctors to review your medical records or hire doctors to examine you are usually biased toward the disability company.
  • If you are asked to respond to a doctor’s report generated by your disability company, the reply must be strategically based upon the stage at which your claim is at.

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