One of the main reasons disability insurance companies deny long term disability claims involves video surveillance and “social media surveillance.” Insurance carriers literally follow claimants around (and monitor their social media accounts) to see if they can catch these claimants engaging in physical activities they previously stated they could not do.

At Dell Disability Lawyers, we’ve dealt with dozens of different insurance carriers and are familiar with the tactics they use to deny claims. Learn more about how to avoid claim denial by minimizing the impact of insurer surveillance.

  • A disability claimant should have no expectation of privacy on social media from a disability company.
  • You do not need to live in fear of video surveillance if you are always honest about your limitations.
  • Disability insurance companies conduct video surveillance in order to challenge your credibility.
  • You should never exaggerate or overstate your symptoms or limitations.
  • If your disability claim has been denied you should always request a copy of the video surveillance.

At Dell Disability Lawyers, we’ve helped thousands of claimants successfully appeal the denial of their long term disability claims. We know exactly what type of surveillance the disability insurance carriers are known for, and can help you fight back against any allegations that this surveillance disproves your claim. Just give us a call today to schedule a FREE consultation with one of our experienced disability insurance attorneys.