This was a terrible denial by Sun Life because they denied long term disability insurance benefits after 23 months to make the claimant file two additional appeals. Our client was employed as a commercial truck salesperson. Sun Life wrongfully relied on a nurse to deny benefits and that should never have been done in this case as our client has undergone two hip surgeries and had an extensive medical history.

Long term disability attorney Rachel Alters discusses how she was able to overcome Sun Life’s disability insurance denial and secure disability benefits for our client.

Why did Sun Life deny long term disability benefits after paying for 23 months? What did we do to help our client prove that she was unable to work?

Sun Life failed to consult with a medical doctor and denied disability benefits with almost no support.

We answer the following questions:

What should a claimant do to protect their disability benefits from a benefit denial?

Can a claimant live a normal life and not worry about being denied LTD benefits?

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