Disability insurance companies like to see objective medical evidence to approve a long term disability claim. But so many disabling conditions are “invisible” – chronic pain, mental health ailments, and other conditions that don’t show up on an MRI or other diagnostic tests. Therefore, it’s crucial that your disability insurance attorney understands your condition and can work with you and your doctors to document it. Below, the attorneys at Dell Disability Lawyers will explain exactly what type of documentation you need to maintain disability insurance benefits.

  • The disability companies are notorious for denying disability claims based upon a lack of objective evidence that a claimant would never be able to prove.
  • There is no medical device that measures pain and therefore the disability companies acceptance of your subjective complaints will be based upon your credibility.
  • Strong continued medical documentation with all of your doctors is essential in order to keep your disability benefits from being denied.
  • A doctor does not document your medical records for the benefit of a disability company, therefore you need to make sure the doctor puts all of your complaints in your medical records.

At Dell Disability Lawyers, we’ve helped thousands of disability claimants secure their benefits. Our attorneys are well-versed in what objective and subjective documentation is needed in order for a claim to be approved. Give us a call today to schedule your FREE consultation with an experienced member of our legal team.