Our client, a professional video cameraman retained Attorneys Dell & Schaefer to secure disability payments under the terms of two policies he had purchased from The Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York (“MONY”). Prior to retaining Attorneys Dell & Schaefer, MONY was paying benefits under a reservation of rights and disputing whether our client was either total or residually disabled. After extensive work with our client, his accountant, and treating physicians, we were able to appropriately present our client’s claim to MONY. MONY accepted liability for the claim and removed the reservation of rights.

Prior to hiring Attorneys Dell & Schaefer, MONY had proposed settling his disputed claim for a low lump-sum buyout. At that time, accepting a lump-sum buyout was not in our client’s best interests because it was unclear how much he would receive under the disability policy, since he was then only residually disabled. After clarifying the status of the claim, Attorneys Dell & Schaefer was able to secure a lump-sum buyout nearly three times that of the original offer prior to hiring our law firm.

Because of Dell & Schaefer’s involvement and handling of the claim, we were able to maximize disability benefits for the client. This claim was handled by Attorneys Gregory Dell and Robert Kerr.

About the author: Gregory Michael Dell is an attorney and managing partner of the disability income division of Attorneys Dell & Schaefer. Mr. Dell and his team of lawyers have assisted thousands of long-term disability claimants with their claims against every major disability insurance company. To request a free legal consultation call 800-411-9085.