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Karen Bloom was a partner and doctor specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation at Rehabilitation Associates in Louisville, Kentucky. In 1999, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). In 2002, she decided to perform most of her work on an outpatient, rather than inpatient basis.
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Our client, a professional video cameraman retained Attorneys Dell & Schaefer to secure disability payments under the terms of two policies he had purchased from The Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York (“MONY”). Prior to retaining Attorneys Dell & Schaefer, MONY was paying benefits under a reservation of rights and disputing whether our client was either total or residually disabled.
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Our client, an Engineer Manager specializing in Fluid Power Engineering, suffers from severe Coronary Artery Disease. Despite the fact multiple diagnostic tests performed indicated there were no abnormalities with his heart, he suffered two heart attacks in the span of six months.
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Nancy Love worked for National City Corporation for two decades before she was forced to stop working. When Mrs. Love began experiencing dizziness, fatigue and blurred vision, she visited the doctor and was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Mrs. Love applied for and received short term benefits from the National City Corporation Welfare Benefits Plan, underwritten by Liberty Mutual. Short term disability benefits were for 18 months, and when Mrs. Love benefits expired, she applied for and received long-term disability benefits.
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Graciella Saffon, an employee of Wells Fargo Bank, had suffered from degeneration of her cervical spine for several years. This condition was confirmed by several MRIs, X-rays and other medical information. In 2001, Saffon was in a car accident which aggravated her neck condition, leading her to quit her desk job and apply for long-term disability benefits with MetLife.
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Attorneys Dell & Schaefer were retained by a former chiropractor who was receiving long-term disability benefits from one of her two disability policies. Despite one company paying her long-term disability benefits, Lincoln National refused to pay disability benefits, claiming she could perform the substantial and material duties of her occupation as a chiropractor.
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Our client was a successful, experienced financial advisor who operated her own practice. In December of 2008, while stopped at a red light, her car was hit from behind by a cement mixer. As a result of the accident she sustained multiple herniated disks in her neck, and pain that radiated into her shoulders and down her arms. Despite her efforts to continue working following the auto accident, she was unable to do so.
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Our client, a financial advisor, was first diagnosed with fascioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD) in 2002. FSHD is a neuromuscular disease which causes progressive skeletal muscle loss and weakness, defects in the biochemical, physical and structural components of muscle and the death of muscle cells and tissue. FSHD is a severely disabling condition and is the second most prevalent muscular dystrophy affecting adults. Despite our client’s diagnose he continued work with his illness for several years.
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Our client, a general dentist, purchased a long-term disability policy from Berkshire Life Insurance Company of America. The policy defined “disability” as the inability to perform the substantial and material duties of his regular occupation. Our client maintained a solo dental practice since 1995. After several years of practice, Dr. Q began experiencing back pain which made it difficult for him to bend over patients for long periods of time and perform most of his dental procedures.
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Our client, a trial attorney representing parents and children in dependency, delinquency, and guardianship cases contacted Attorneys Dell & Schaefer to see if she would be eligible for long-term disability benefits under her individual disability income and business overhead expense policies purchased from Unum.
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