Mass Mutual is known for writing individual disability insurance  policies for professionals. ERISA laws applicable to employer provided disability insurance policies do not apply. This means that if Mass Mutual denies your disability insurance claim, you can sue them for breach of contract and you have the benefit of a jury trial.
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Mass Mutual Insurance Company isn’t one of the big names in disability coverage, even though it does offer individual and group long-term disability policies. If you’ve been injured and are unable to work, Mass Mutual will pay you disability benefits according to the terms of your disability policy—but this coverage often doesn’t come without some hiccups, and benefit denials are common. What should claimants know about appealing the denial of a Mass Mutual disability benefit claim, including an ERISA lawsuit?

GREGORY DELL: Hi, I’m attorney Gregory Dell here with attorney Cesar Gavidia. And we are going to talk to you about private disability insurance lawsuits against Mass Mutual Insurance Company. And Cesar, the reason I said that they’re private disability suits is, at least from 99% of the cases we’ve seen is that the people who are buying these, Mass Mutual, long-term disability insurance policies have bought them from an agent. And basically, what that is that makes it a private contract. And that contract says that if you’re unable to work or whatever the definition of disability is, then Mass Mutual will pay you disability benefits.Continue Reading Mass Mutual Disability Lawsuit and Benefit Claim Denial Information

Mass Mutual, an insurance company that sells long term disability insurance products, recently hired the international law firm of Shutts & Bowen in an effort to prohibit Disability Insurance Attorneys Dell & Schaefer from displaying blank Mass Mutual long term disability insurance claim forms on their website. More specifically, Mass Mutual hired attorney Jeffrey Landau

Our client, a financial advisor, was first diagnosed with fascioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD) in 2002. FSHD is a neuromuscular disease which causes progressive skeletal muscle loss and weakness, defects in the biochemical, physical and structural components of muscle and the death of muscle cells and tissue. FSHD is a severely disabling condition and is the second most prevalent muscular dystrophy affecting adults. Despite our client’s diagnose he continued work with his illness for several years.
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