Mass Mutual is known for writing individual disability insurance  policies for professionals. ERISA laws applicable to employer provided disability insurance policies do not apply. This means that if Mass Mutual denies your disability insurance claim, you can sue them for breach of contract and you have the benefit of a jury trial.

The top reasons for having your claim denied are:

  • Failure to understand the term “own occupation.”
  • Failure to understand the definition of disability and how your medical records need to relate your disability to inability to perform the duties of your own occupation.
  • Medical records that do not support your claim.

Tips for Getting your Mass Mutual Disability Claim Approved

Mass Mutual is generally known for its fairness in evaluating claims, but this fairness is accompanied by an extremely thorough analysis of your medical records, your job duties, and how your disability affects your ability to perform the duties of your own occupation.

The key is to evaluate closely your policy language, so you know exactly what the definition of disability is. Can you still work at an alternate occupation? Can you work on a limited basis? Or must you be unable to work at any occupation?

Mass Mutual Requires Strong Medical Support From all Treating Physicians

Treating physicians often must be educated as to the importance of their medical records. The doctors need to do more than just diagnose your condition and list test results. They must explain why your condition keeps you from working.

Often, we find professionals really prefer to keep working and are reluctant to go on disability, which pays them far less money than working unimpaired in their own occupation. They may have been working through pain and discomfort for months or even years. When this happens, Mass Mutual may say, “What changed? Why are you now wanting disability when you’ve been working so long with this condition?” Your medical records must show why you can no longer work.

The company will look at your financial statements, including your state and federal, personal and corporate tax returns. They will look at your billing codes if you are a dentist or physician. Lawyers and other business owners will need to submit their calendars.

Mass Mutual will use this information to determine what you were earning before your disability and how this has decreased because of your disability.

Mass Mutual Requires You to Show How Your Disability Makes It Impossible for you to Perform Your Job Duties

It is not enough just to provide Mass Mutual your medical records documenting your disability and your job description, and information that you are earning a lot less than you were before or perhaps earning nothing. You must also show a connection between your disabling condition and your job duties.

How does your medical condition make it impossible to do your job? For example, if you are a dentist with arthritis in your hand, you must also show how the arthritis makes it impossible for you to hold your dental tools. If you fail to connect the dots between your medical condition and how it restricts or limits your ability to do your job, your claim will likely be denied.

How Attorneys at Dell & Schaefer Can Assist You in Getting Approval of Your Mass Mutual Disability Insurance Claim

When we take charge of filing your claim, all communications go through us. Mass Mutual will ask you to sign releases so they can talk directly with your healthcare providers, but we ask you to tell your doctors not to speak to the company without first telling you. We can then work with your physicians to help them prepare for the interview and to know what to expect.

Mass Mutual will want to interview you. Again, we tell you what to expect and guide you through the process. You need to be honest about how you feel and not downplay your medical condition.

We offer a free consultation to Mass Mutual disability insurance policy holders all across the country. Contact us and arrange to email us a copy of your policy. We will review it, and then call you to discuss how we can help. We will inform you of our fees and costs. Call us at 800-411-9085 for more information.