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10 things to expect when your disability insurance company asks for an IME exam

Almost all disability insurance policies provide a disability insurance company with the right to have the insured examined by a physician of their choice. The disability insurance companies can select any physician and a claimant must attend. These exams are commonly referred to as Independent Medical Exams (IME EXAM); however many courts refer to them as Compulsory Medical Exams (CME EXAM) since the claimant’s benefits will be denied if they fail to appear. Disability Insurance attorneys Gregory Dell and Stephen Jessup discuss what a claimant should expect if asked to attend a CME exam.

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CIGNA / LINA wrongfully relies upon surveillance video to deny long term disability insurance benefits

CIGNA Insurance Company, the parent company of Life Insurance Company of North America (LINA) has relied on video surveillance to deny thousands of claims for disability insurance benefits. This case is another classic example of CIGNA wrongfully relying upon video surveillance to justify its disregard of the claimant’s medical evidence. A Federal Court in California found that CIGNA / LINA abused its discretion when it denied Todd Nash’s claim. Let’s take a closer look at the Court’s reasoning.