Two shoulder surgeries and Mutual of Omaha tells our client that she is no longer disabled. Mutual of Omaha made this decision on reliance of the opinion of a nurse that only reviewed medical records. This Mutual of Omaha long term disability denial is an example of the typical disability denial we see.

This case was fairly egregious as our client had significant and chronic shoulder condition that prevented her from safely doing her job as a medical device manager.

In this video long term disability insurance attorneys Gregory Dell and Cesar Gavidia discuss Mutual of Omaha’s reasons for denying benefits and the strategies we took to get the disability benefit denial reversed.

  • What did Mutual of Omaha rely upon to deny disability benefits after paying for 10 months?
  • Could anything have been done differently to avoid the Mutual of Omaha disability denial?
  • How can Mutual of Omaha rely on the opinion of their own nurse over the claimant’s orthopedic surgeon?
  • What was the strategy used by attorney Cesar Gavidia to win this Mutual of Omaha disability appeal?

Learn more about the disability benefits denial for managers and what you can do to protect your benefits.