This is another great long term disability appeal victory by Dell Disability Lawyers. In this Mutual of Omaha disability insurance benefit denial our client contacted us after he was denied long term disability. Mutual of Omaha approved his short term disability claim and Social Security disability benefits were approved, but then long term disability division of Mutual Omaha never paid benefits from the inception.Continue Reading SSDI Approval and Mutual of Omaha Still Denied Disability Insurance Benefits for an IT Service Desk Engineer

Two shoulder surgeries and Mutual of Omaha tells our client that she is no longer disabled. Mutual of Omaha made this decision on reliance of the opinion of a nurse that only reviewed medical records. This Mutual of Omaha long term disability denial is an example of the typical disability denial we see.Continue Reading Medical Device Manager With Shoulder Injury Wins Mutual of Omaha Disability Benefit Appeal

At Dell & Schaefer, our nationwide team of long term disability insurance attorneys has helped thousands of clients recover disability insurance benefits from major insurer Mutual of Omaha. The claims process can be a maze of lengthy and confusing claim request forms, waivers and releases for medical records, and even independent physical examinations – which means that claimants who go into this process without a disability attorney may be putting themselves at a disadvantage later. What should disability insurance claimants expect when they sue Mutual of Omaha to recover benefits under a long term disability insurance policy?Continue Reading What Claimants Should Know About Suing Mutual of Omaha for Disability Benefits

Although receiving a denial letter from your long term disability insurance carrier can be discouraging and stressful, the appeal actually presents one of the best opportunities you’ll have to support your claim for disability insurance benefits. Read on for some tips Dell & Schaefer’s nationwide disability insurance attorneys have learned while handling Mutual of Omaha long term disability appeals.
Continue Reading Tips to Win Benefits in Your Mutual of Omaha Disability Appeal

In this video Attorneys Gregory Dell & Rachel Alters discuss the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals decision that United of Omaha’s termination of LTD benefits of an unskilled and illiterate Plaintiff was unfair and arbitrary and capricious as the Plaintiff was unemployable in any other occupation.