At Dell Disability Lawyers, we see disability insurance carriers deny claims for a few main reasons – they may cite anything from video surveillance to the change of disability definition.

One of the most common reasons for denial we see occurs when your treating physician is misled by the disability insurance carrier. These insurance companies may randomly call busy doctors and ask them seemingly innocuous questions; as soon as the doctor misspeaks or makes any sort of concession, the insurance company will use this to invalidate the disability claim. What can claimants do to ensure their doctors provide only accurate information?

Your treating doctors should be aware that the disability company may call them at any time to discuss your long term disability claim. You should always ask your doctor to call you first.

We recommend that your treating doctors ask the insurance company to submit questions in writing.

Physicians are often busy and under a great deal of stress. This, unfortunately, can make them ideal targets for unscrupulous insurance representatives who are looking for reasons to deny a disability claim. The experienced attorneys at Dell Disability Lawyers have worked with thousands of physicians to ensure that the information provided for our clients is complete, truthful, and helpful to their claim. Give us a call today to speak to a member of our legal team.