Filing an application for long term disability is the most important part of any disability claim. In this disability insurance claim, our client was an Orthopedic Surgeon and when he first called us he was not sure if he had a long term disability claim that could get approved.

Our client had a policy with Guardian and we have helped hundreds of doctors and other individuals to obtain Guardian disability benefits. In this video long term disability attorneys Gregory Dell and Stephen Jessup discuss our experience in working with Guardian to submit an application for long term disability insurance benefits and many of the issues that you must consider when submitting your application.

This claim was for residual disability benefits which allows our client to collect disability and continue working in a limited capacity. With many of our surgeon clients we always look for strategies that allow a doctor to continue working and collect the maximum benefits under their long term disability policies.

Learn how common it is for a doctor to seek legal assistance when applying for long term disability benefits. “The disability application process is like writing a script for a movie”. We discuss the difference between total and partial/residual disability.

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