Filing an application for long term disability is the most important part of any disability claim. In this disability insurance claim, our client was an Orthopedic Surgeon and when he first called us he was not sure if he had a long term disability claim that could get approved.Continue Reading Orthopedic Surgeon Approved for Long Term Disability Benefits by Guardian and Berkshire

The longer Guardian Disability pays out long term disability benefits to a specific claimant, the more these benefits cost—so like all long term disability insurance carriers, Guardian has a vested interest in removing claimants from the disability rolls as soon as it can. This means that getting approved for disability benefits is just the first step; maintaining this approval is the key to receiving benefits through the end of the policy term. Learn more about what claimants should do to preserve their long term disability benefits with Guardian Disability.
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When it comes to disability insurance companies, there’s one universal truth: they don’t make money by approving claims. But there are options, and it’s important not to take a denied disability insurance claim as the final answer when it comes to your disability insurance determination. You may be able to appeal the denial of your