Sedgwick is a third party disability benefits claim administrator for companies that have self funded disability plans. Sedgwick can be very difficult to deal with as they handle claims on a contract basis and tend to have a lot of turnover with their disability claims handlers.

This client came to us in the middle of his appeal. This case is an example of another wrongful disability benefit denial by Sedgwick. Disability insurance attorneys Stephen Jessup and Gregory Dell discuss Sedgwick’s reason for denying long term disability benefits and the steps we took to win this Sedgwick disability appeal.

We discuss the following:

  • Why was Sedgwick involved with a JP Morgan Chase disability claim?
  • How do you learn everything that Sedgwick has relied upon to deny a disability claim?
  • What could our client have done differently to avoid a Sedgwick disability denial?
  • What is our general opinion about Sedgwick’s disability claim handling?
  • Sedgwick’s preference is to get employees back to work and save companies from having to pay out disability benefits.

Learn more about the manager disability claim denial and what you should do to protect your disability insurance benefits.