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Prudential denies disability benefits to KPMG employee suffering from “sick sinus” syndrome

An Oregon disability attorney was forced to file a federal ERISA lawsuit against The Prudential Insurance Company of America after his client was wrongfully denied continued long-term disability benefits.

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After being denied disability benefits, Rabbi suffering from bipolar disorder sues CIGNA

An Indiana disability attorney recently filed a federal lawsuit against the Cigna Life Insurance Company of New York (Cigna). The Plaintiff, by virtue of her employment, was covered by a monthly disability benefit plan with Cigna. When Cigna denied wrongly withheld disability benefit payments, the Plaintiff was forced to file a lawsuit.

Disability Blog & Cases:
Disabled Georgia man sues Boston Mutual for denial of disability benefits

A Georgia disability attorney recently filed a federal ERISA disability lawsuit against Boston Mutual Insurance Company of America and Disability Reinsurance Management Services (DRMS) to recover long-term disability benefits that were wrongfully withheld.

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Jury orders Unum Provident to pay lifetime long term disability insurance benefits to physician

Dr. G, has been battling Provident Accident and Life Insurance Company (acquired by Unum) since his long term disability insurance benefits were denied in 1999. After two jury trials, multiple motions for summary judgment, and an appeal, Dr. G has once again won a verdict granting him lifetime disability benefits. It is likely that Unum will once again appeal the jury verdict and this case will continue for several more years. Dr. G is currently owed approximately $1,400,000 in unpaid disability benefits and prejudgment interest. This case is an extreme example of the type of litigation that can ensue if a long term disability claim is denied. Our law firm has litigated hundreds of cases of Unum Provident nationwide; however this case was not handled by our law firm. This case deals with the issue of lifetime total disability benefits in ERISA exempt disability policies.

The case we are going to look at here highlights the importance of involving a disability insurance attorney in your disability insurance policy purchasing decision. The language in disability insurance policies is complex and can often be turned against you when you most need the benefits. It is never safe to trust the assurances of the disability insurance company that a policy meets your requirements. The following case clearly demonstrates this reality.

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