When Dr. Beatriz Martinez received a letter from MetLife denying her claim for long-term disability insurance, her only remaining option was to file a lawsuit. Unfortunately for her, the court upheld Met Life’s denial for one primary reason, she filed her claim for disability benefits four months too late. No arguments put forth by her attorneys could change that fact, and in the end, her appeal was denied, and she lost her lawsuit.
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Our client, a dentist working in the capacity of a director of clinical technology for a well known company, began experiencing problems with his balance in March of 2009. In his role as director of clinical technology he was required to give lengthy presentations and speaking engagements, as well as be on the cutting edge in dental procedures. His initial balance problem quickly progressed leading to the cancelation of scheduled presentations, and our client seeing his doctors for testing. Test results indicated that he had a life-threatening brain tumor.
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