long-term disability insurance

Dr. Z, a chiropractor, suffered an injury to both of his wrists while performing work in his backyard. As a result, Dr. Z was forced to discontinue his profession as a chiropractor and file disability claims under his three long-term disability insurance policies.
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Mrs. Rebecca Duperry worked as payroll benefits HR administrator for Railroad Friction Products Corporation (RFPC) until April 7, 2006. Mrs. Duperry suffered from rheumatism, and stopped working in April pursuant to the advice of her rheumatologist. The rheumatologist told Duperry to ‘slow her work down’ and that cutting hours was a good idea, although working from home would be an even better idea.
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Our client, a dentist working in the capacity of a director of clinical technology for a well known company, began experiencing problems with his balance in March of 2009. In his role as director of clinical technology he was required to give lengthy presentations and speaking engagements, as well as be on the cutting edge in dental procedures. His initial balance problem quickly progressed leading to the cancelation of scheduled presentations, and our client seeing his doctors for testing. Test results indicated that he had a life-threatening brain tumor.
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