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Did UNUM insurance disability claims examiner understand physician’s job duties?

This video is a small portion of the video-taped trial testimony of a Unum long term disability employee. The deposition was completed on behalf of our client by attorney Gregory Michael Dell.

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UNUM sued by Ohio disability attorney for failure to pay disabiity insurance benefits to ex-nurse restricted to using a cane or motorized scooter to get around

Karen Russell has filed a lawsuit against her previous employer and UNUM Life Insurance Company of America in an attempt to collect her long term disability benefits in the United States District Court of the Southern District of Ohio Western Division. In her complaint, Russell asks the Court to order Defendant UMUM to pay her long term disability payments as is proper under her ERISA-controlled plan with her previous employer. In addition to disability benefits, Russell has petitioned the Court for attorneys’ fees and any other relief it deems appropriate.

Disability Blog & Cases:
Prudential Insurance Company sued for denial of disability benefits to former U.S. FoodService Inc. sales analyst with back disorder

Having exhausted all her disability insurance appeals and her patience, Torey Robinson filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas, Houston Division against Prudential Insurance Company in an effort to collect her back and future disability benefits as stipulated in her Prudential Insurance policy. With no more ERISA disability administrative remedies to pursue, Robinson felt she had no other choice but to file a lawsuit to collect her disability benefits and let the Court decide the merits of her claim for disability benefits.

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Liberty Mutual Life Insurance denies disability benefits for depression despite two hospitalizations by claimant

Mary Denny and her Massachusetts disability attorney recently filed a civil complaint in United States District Court in the Eastern Division of the District of Massachusetts against Liberty Life Assurance Company of Boston (Liberty) for Liberty’s refusal to pay Ms. Denny long-term disability benefits.

Disability Blog & Cases:
Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company sued by occupational therapist for denial of disability insurance benefits

Occupational therapist Ernesto R. Campos has filed a lawsuit naming Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company, Rehab America, Inc., Group Long-Term Disability Insurance Plan and Rehab America, Inc. as the defendants. Campos and his Tennessee disability lawyer filed his complaint in the Western District of Tennessee Eastern Divisional Office at Jackson concerning a disability insurance plan under ERISA…

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If you can afford it, then you should only buy an individual disability insurance policy

In the case of Fleisher v. The Standard Insurance Company filed in New Jersey Federal Court, the court recently rendered a decision which can have a negative impact for numerous physicians and other business professional that have Group Association Policies and also have an ERISA governed group policy from their employer. Numerous medical, dental, legal, accounting, nursing and other professional associations across the country offer a group disability insurance policy to all of their members…