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Are Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) Providers Really “Independent”?

After being twice denied continued disability benefits, an Addiction Medicine Physician, with the help of his California Disability Attorney, was forced to file a lawsuit against Hartford.

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North Carolina Court Determines That Sedgwick Abused Their Discretion And Wrongfully Denied

In Daniel C. Vs Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company, the Plaintiff has filed a lawsuit with the help of his Ohio Disability Lawyer for the termination of long term disability benefits that were promised under the Plan provided by Plaintiff’s employer, United Dairy Farmers, Inc. (UDF).

History of the Plaintiff

Plaintiff worked at UDF

Two different ERISA lawsuits were recently filed by disability attorneys in California and Florida against Reliance Standard Insurance Company for the wrongful denial of disability benefits.

The First Case

In the first case, the plaintiff, through a California disability attorney filed a lawsuit in the District Court for Eastern California. The plaintiff was employed by

June 22, 2011 – A recent opinion from the Ninth Circuit United States Court of Appeals has helped clarify the rules as to who you can sue in actions for benefits under a long term disability policy See Cyr v. Reliance Standard & Channel Technologies, 2011 WL 2464440, June 22, 2011. The Court concluded

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Did UNUM insurance disability claims examiner understand physician’s job duties?

This video is a small portion of the video-taped trial testimony of a Unum long term disability employee. The deposition was completed on behalf of our client by attorney Gregory Michael Dell.

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UNUM sued by Ohio disability

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A Senator’s view of ERISA disability insurance claims

This video features the testimony of Montana United States Senator Max Baucus at a Senate Finance Committee Meeting. Senator Baucus focuses his testimony on the problems with ERISA disability insurance laws and the unfair claims handling practices of disability insurance companies. Senator Baucus

On May 24, 2010, the United States Supreme Court rendered an opinion in the case of Hardt V. Reliance Standard, which is a major victory for disability insurance claimants that have a long-term disability policy governed by ERISA. Reliance Standard, a disability insurance carrier attempted to argue that a disability claimant was not entitled