Three disability denials and three successful appeals in 12 months – this case is an example of why you can never let your guard down as a claimant. Hartford looked for every opportunity to deny long term disability benefits to our client.

Hartford initially paid long term disability benefits and then denied benefits just before the change of disability definition. We appealed and won the appeal.

Hartford then denies one week after approval claiming a 24 month mental nervous limitation. The second denial was insane as our client had objective evidence of a brain disorder, which is a physical condition. Long term disability attorney Cesar Gavidia files a second appeal and wins benefits again.

8 months later, Hartford denies again and now claims she is not disabled from a sedentary occupation. For the third time in 12 months we submit another appeal to Hartford. In this video we discuss the steps we took on each Hartford disability denial to get benefits reversed.

The actions by Hartford were desperate and unreasonable. Fortunately we prevailed and our client continues to collect benefits.