Filing a claim for long-term disability (LTD) benefits is not an easy task for anesthesiologists. Insurance claims representatives hope they can find a reason to deny the claim so they can save their employer money. Anesthesiologists sometimes make the representative’s job easy by not presenting their claim in a winning way. At Dell Disability Lawyers, we have some tips for anesthesiologists to use to help them get claim approval. Watch this video to learn more.

  • Here is LTD claims information for anesthesiologists and tips they can use for claim approval. Disability insurance representatives hope to deny your claim and save their employer money.
  • The specific duties of your occupation will be highly scrutinized. The insurance company will do all it can to rebut your claim that you cannot perform the material and substantial duties of your job.
  • The definition of disability is critical, and a national economy definition of disability is not good for anesthesiologists. The national economy definition will classify the job as light, maybe heavy, but will not reflect the actual duties of an anesthesiologist or allow for the decisions the doctor must make that could make the difference in a patient’s life or death.
  • Documentation of a disabling medical condition must be provided to support approval of the claim. Anesthesiologists often treat informally with colleagues so they can avoid documenting their condition in their medical records. They must go for diagnosis and treatment or their claim will be denied.
  • Never accept the disability company’s general description of your occupational duties. Provide the company your own detailed list of what it is you do every day.

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