Accountants often have a difficult time having their claim for disability benefits approved. Insurance companies consider the job of an accountant as sedentary, believing all it entails for an accountant to do the job is to sit at a desk for four hours a day. The disability insurance attorneys at Dell Disability Lawyers offer some tips accountants can use when submitting their disability insurance claims. We invite you to watch this video to learn more.

  • There is a strategy in presenting the occupational duties of an accountant. An accountant submitting a claim for disability must provide the insurance company details about their specific job duties including reviewing detailed financial documents, preparing tax returns, the stress involved, and the consequences for a client if the accountant makes a mistake.
  • At least 75% of the accountants we represent at Dell Disability Lawyers have the AICPA disability insurance policy. If an accountant chooses to work in a different occupation, the AICPA policy will not cover them.
  • Cognitive difficulties secondary to physical or mental diagnosis are the number one reason an accountant becomes disabled.

Whatever stage you are at in your claim for disability, whether you are just thinking about filing a claim, have filed a claim and are struggling to provide the insurance company all the documents it needs, or your claim was denied and you are considering an appeal, contact us at Dell Disability Lawyers. Contact one of our disability attorneys to schedule a free consultation.