Disability Claims by Occupation

Plastic surgery is a specialty occupation that is commonly misunderstood by disability insurance companies. Long term disability insurance attorneys Stephen Jessup and Gregory Dell discuss how we help Plastic Surgeons to collect long term disability benefits.Continue Reading Plastic Surgeon Disability Insurance Tips to Prevent Disability Benefit Denial

Are you a sales representative that is considering a long term disability insurance claim? Or maybe you already have a pending disability benefit claim. Through our experience in representing thousands of people with sales related jobs, we have prepared a video which discusses multiple issues that we commonly see in short and long term disability claims for sales people. We encourage you to contact any of our nationwide disability insurance attorneys for a free immediate phone consultation.  

The following interview with attorneys Greg Dell and Stephen Jessup highlights the occupation classification most sales representatives can fall under. It also addresses some common issues that hinder long-term disability claims from going ahead.

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