It can be difficult for OB-GYN doctors to have their claim for long term disability (LTD) benefits approved even when the policy has been in effect for years. The burden to prove disability is on the doctor.

At Dell Disability Lawyers, we have years of experience assisting doctors with their disability claims. Watch this video for some tips about how to get your claim approved.

  • The disability insurance company will highly scrutinize the CPT procedure reports. The purpose is to try and show your workload has not decreased and the doctor has continued to work and not lost revenue.
  • A total versus residual disability analysis is always an issue for an OB-GYN who works with a disability.
  • A history of documented medical treatment is essential for disability benefit approval. This is a problem for many doctors. They tend to treat informally with a colleague because they do not want medical documentation of their illness or medical condition. This works against them when they finally do apply for disability benefits.
  • The disability insurance company will use video surveillance, social media, and credit reports in an attempt to make an OB-GYN doctor a liar. The company may take one video of the doctor shopping at Home Depot to say, “Look. He’s not disabled.”

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